Concept not for today, maybe tomorrow (eve v projector)

Hey guys,
I just like to share a idea of mine and wanted to know what you think about it. I feel like the eve V can be far more than just a better version or alternative to the other 2 in 1, so i thought myself what would really improve a laptop. Well here it is my little idea^^
To be fair I pulled the Idea from a product i used to own (samsung Beam) but I dont think anyone considered building a unit like this into a Laptop?

I thought myself besides just being a portable home cinema it would actually improve business, since you can have meeting presentations while projecting every member on the wall, having your presentation on the screen (streamed to the members), and your picture send vie front cam.

The problems I can see with this is that you would have to add an additional ‘‘kickstand’’ to the Eve V so the projector can face the wall when standing up.

What do you guys think about it?


I have never seen such things being used in real life (Lenovo also has a tablet with a beamer) and reviews say that they aren’t really bright enough to rely on it. So I don’t think such small beamer thing would really do that much, unless technology has improved that much in recent years but I don’t follow the beamer market. If it could be used in everyday situation (so no need to block all the sunlight) than it would be a really handy thing, and I would probably buy it.


yea I remember the samsung beam also being not quiet a real projector. But I was overall satisfied with the performance, and to note that one was released 7 years ago. I dont know if they improved much since then but as far as i can tell the ones produced 7 years ago projected a pretty good image in a semi dark room. I was, and still am a fan of it since it just gave more functionality to my device.

But yea this is just best answered by someone really knowing the facts.

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If anything, that would be used in business cases. And there you don’t need to see your partner. Most don’t have Web cams because of security reasons. And for showing your content we for example use webex.

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I see, did not think of that.

It would be useful in my office, for when I’m doing reviews with the technical team. sitting round a screen isn’t practical, but setting up a projector is a pain. I doubt whether it is is a realistic project for Eve*, but I like the concept.

*but what do I know anyway? nothing!

Another big problem I think is, that eve could not provide the things business needs. Everything from the support and warranty side.

I think these are questions only to be answered by the eve team. My biggest doubt is that a additional unit will also take additional space which would lead to redesign the whole layout^^I just think i came to late to the community with the idea, but hey thats why i said maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hence the:

*but what do I know anyway? nothing!

Well, 17 years ago some braniac attached a camera to a cellphone and it was terrible quality.
Hahaa, like it would avtually work, dummest idea ever!


Yes, but they kept attaching it, I don’t know much laptops with a beamer included :wink:

I think you would have a serious Problem with the energy that would be needed:

You need to get the Beamer bright enough too See it in the sun light, therefore you need a very bright lamp which uses much more energy. That means much faster battery drain.

You also would need to cool the lamp to reduce overheating risk. Since the V is only passive cooled that would be also a problem.

But I like the idea, but I doubt it is possible…

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Cars are getting the lazer technology in their headlights, maybe in the furure the lazer is better choise than a led.
Or, similar way as screens now are using RGB, there could be really-really-really-x100-small lazer lights next to each other to shoot the picture to the wall/object.
Power -of course- is NOT the problem bacause if you get such a small lazer technology done, you probably have the solution for world power crisis.


I dident intend it to be able to be so bight that it can project during sunlight (since normal projectors also struggel when doing so). I had more a semi dark room in mind. But surely it would be nice to have.

As for the energy yes you would drain your battery within some hours if you dont plug it in, that will be the case no mather what. But the need to project somewhere over more than, lets say 4 hours, without having a powersource will be rare in my opinion.

For the cooling I agree, but again we dont know what these mini projectors are capebale off. Overall i think if this would become a reality we would have to pick less brightness over adding some cooling system.

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i just came across some reviews for a prototype lenovo is working on (lenovo smart cast) and it seems like they are using lasers for the projector.
Although white surfaces in dark environments are your best bet for creating bright and vibrant images, the Smart Cast was able to project a healthy image in brighter environments and on dark surfaces.

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Can you maybe send the link to the article :slight_smile:

I guess it’s this one.

yes it was the one i was reading. sry I didn’t reply in some days, national holidays^^

I have a small LED projector. Usually I just set it up on a small tripod and use Miracast to connect to it.

The problem with the suggested design is that the projector is fixed to the tablet and projects in the same direction of someone looking at the screen, always. That is the wrong direction for a presentation. For a presentation the typical position for the image is behind the speaker. In a meeting it is often to the side.

I think the idea is interesting but here are to many downsides to integrate it/fix it to the device. A small separate projector that uses USB C (single cable Power and DP) would be my choice. If it integrates Miracast/Airplay it would be even better. Use an power bank or USB charger and you can move it quite a distance from the EVE V.


I would tend to have both Power over USB C and Power via AC Power

Maybe you could even charge the V with USB C when the projector is connected to Power source

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