Computex Microsoft Keynote

Eve V section starts at around 57:00

So far the only video I can find, there might be better quality video later.


Thought it was a bit overkill to start a thread, but I guess it isn’t overkill at all :joy:
And yes, Eve is getting some nice press coverage as of late.

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Cool to see Eve V on stage during the Microsoft Keynote. Odd that with the 65’000 pieces of feedback and community input the features they chose to highlight were different coloured keyboard back lights and the Oops key. Come on what about the important community driven design decisions: All day battery, super bright hires display, bluetooth enabled detachable keyboard, finger print reader, quad speakers for great audio, pen support, fanless design with no vents and of course more ports than any other 2 in 1 on the market.


They’re afraid of drawing too much attention away from all the competition :smile:


In the keynote, the speaker praised a device for using the power button as a fingerprint sensor and then moved onto the V, and didn’t mention that we do it too :joy:

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Awesome to get on stage attention… and then so much hands on in the MS booth (video hands on and articles).

I would like to take the chance to congratulate the @Team to get a huge step closer to success. All effort seems to pay off. And somehow it’s also like torture as all the articles and videos make the wait even more difficult :wink: