Compatible with USB C docks with pass through charging?

Does the V support charge through docks, and which ones? Could a list be tested and developed?

I’ve been using a Kensington SD4500 USB C ($30-$50US) dock with my Lenovo Yoga 910 glass edition, for 2x 4K screens. It has a larger design but that gives plenty of space for the various cables. Also it has a VESA bracket sold separately for $12. The Yoga does not support pass through charging even though the charger has the physical USB C design. The charging port does not support connectivity either! The only difference is a small orange ring on the charger/charger port.

Must have been a corporate design decision!


The Eve V has been tested with an eGPU dock that provides charging, while at the same time puts one of the most intensive usage and fastest data throughput for a USB-C port, so Im fairly confident that the Eve V will be fully compatible with this dock.