Comparison to other 2-1, HP Spectre x2, Surface Pro

Looking for info on which tablet to get. I’d love to get the Eve V (just worried about it selling out before I can get to it). As a backup wondering what y’all think I should get instead!!

Looking at currently:

  1. Surface Pro
    a. Pros: Fanless, EDU Discount, better kickstand, battery life
    b. Cons: Cost, no USB-C/TB3, keyboard comes as an add-on

  2. HP Spectre x2
    a. Pros: Iris 640, USB-C, better screen resolution
    b. Cons: smaller battery life, kick stand is odd, no TB3

  • Eve V
    a. Pros: Keyboard, Price, TB3, Battery life, finger print reader, speaker,
    b. Cons: Impossible to get your hands on it! Integrated GPU isn’t as strong as the Iris options in HP


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For me a crucial feature was a TB3. I already use a laptop with Intel HD and have no concerns. So V with same gpu no problem fo me either.

Hi @vulture1162, thank you for your interest in the V and welcome to!

You’ll find many comparisons of the V against other (2-in-1) devices including the Surface Pro 2017 across Perhaps have a look through the following:

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I would recommend either EVE V or next one down the i7 Surface Pro. Both have great builds, strong following and support. i7 SP has the iris graphics too, but remember these are portability first devices. So tbh maybe a tiny bit less, but iris too sucks for any decent gaming or gpu compute applications. With V at least you get the option for external graphics. Both V and SP won’t have any trouble with external monitors though :wink: With SP battery life is still not strong


Pro: TB3
Cons: no TB3

Notice? :wink:

Yeah whoops… It has USB-C but no TB3, which makes little sense IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Honest opinion (as someone who’s also getting EDU-options): The EDU discount is nice, but still the cost is insanely high for the new SP.
Just in the EU the SP is still 1300€ and that’s without the keyboard or pen which are still full price.

Y full price? I think I saw that you get also at the pen and keyboard the discount.

Unless you want it for hardcore gaming, the current Intel graphics are quite enough for offloading a bunch of tasks from the CPU. H.264/H.265 and VP9, for video decoding and encoding. OpenCL for faster operations (Excel to give an example) Windows UI rendering and effects, etc…
If you do want 3D intensive apps or gaming, you can always use an egpu by using TB3.

At least when I looked at it online I did not find an option for a discounted keyboard/pen - but I did not look into it that hard to be honest :slight_smile:

No one is really talking about the benifits of the HP Iris 640 vs Intel HD graphics. I thought that would make more of an impact than it seems to, is that not an advantage vs the V and i5 SP5 for gaming?

Not really, the improvement is so marginal that it is hardly worth the mention. To be blunt, most modern tittles on 2 in 1and ultrabooks will suck. With iris it might suck a little tiny less but suck nonetheless. By the time you get into playable fps your resolution and all settings will be so low that it will look like a game from 2 decades ago. That why that TB3 option was so important to us when V was in the specs phase :wink:

I totally understand the TB3 option, and eGPU’s are the future. I don’t imagine I’ll build another desktop again and instead have an eGPU docking station and a portable 2-1 as an all-in-one device! Problem I have now is that these devices can’t really replace a traditional desktop at the moment, with the CPU’s and other limiting factors for gaming with an eGPU. So while I want to future proof myself with TB3, I’m mostly looking to do light gaming while on the go with this device, I travel a lot for work so having something thin and light with a large battery is priority #1, a bonus would be able to play some games while sitting in the hotel room with nothing else to do but binge watch netflix’s newest show. (which as an FYI is a fantastic use-case for the Bluetooth Keyboard, that thing looks awesome and helps set this device apart from the others in it’s class!!)

Do you envision a portable eGPU in the near future that would be something you could pack into a bag, but not be a full fledged desktop GPU??

If you list “fanless” as a pro for Surface, then you should also list “fan” as a con for Spectre.


Hi mate, for the small form factor eGPU, take a look to the Aorus 1070 Gaming Box, and as the name suggest, it comes with a GTX 1070 (small one), for a fearly reasonable price.

I feel the same as you regarding building a desktop and for CPU and Thermal limitations of 2 in 1, but overall i like to think it can worth it…


Has anyone dug into the Dell 7285? It supports wireless charging, is 7.5 thick, has 2 USB-C ports (one which is thunderbolt) and has a similar processor as V.

It also seems to have either the sharp or acu display (2880x1920, 12.3 in.).


Also it has small bezels and a true keyboard so it acts more like a laptop. I think this has some very interesting features…even if the wireless charging isn’t priced at a level I can support.

Reading those specs, it sounds like the display panel that @Konstantinos mentioned in the update thread. I think we should keep an eye on the reviews, then we should be able to get a grasp of how it measures up (I assume it will be magnificent). Also, that distributor is really screwing us over with the delays, V’s halo of “latest & greatest” slowly diminishes.

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@Patrick_Hermawan at first I was really intrigued by the Latitude, does have a lot of good core components and a solid build. One issue I take with it is the lack of a kickstand, so using the tablet on it’s own becomes much harder. If your going to limit yourself to modes where the tablet is attached to the device there are a lot of good options out there like the Lenovo Yoga line or HP Spectre x360’s. Also keyboard is expensive 250/350 depending on wireless charging. It’s close but no cigar…

Found a great list of all 2-1’s that’s out there on another forum.

That’s only half of the truth, you could connect the keyboard to the other side. So the keyboard becomes the kickstand itself. If you like it or not, you have decide this in your own :wink:

MobileTechReview information in video NSP i7 and gains in 3D mark skydiver 5683 , NSP i5 4060 . and the Ghost and7 4589 . according to users, results in an average SP 4 and7 5339 … I can’t understand why such a difference and such a fall , because of the trolling ?