Comparison to galaxy book 12 inch

has anyone compared the V to the Samsung galaxy book 12 inch, and not so much the keyboard.

Yeah, I just looked. First off, the IO on the Eve V is arguably superior, as it has both USB C Thunderbolt, but also USB Type A 3.0 compared to what looks to be (looking at the product page) dual USB C and a headphone jack. The only real advantage that the Samsung Galaxy Book has is the weight and the faster CPU at the lowest spec. Eve has better IO, better battery life (with the lower clocked CPUs), and more RAM for the price.

In case you were wondering here is the processor in the Samsung:

and this is the Eve processor:

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Don’t forget: the 7Y30 is the lowest Processor Option of the V! There is also an i5 Y and i7 Y available!

Yeah, and while it is the base spec model, for most things that people are going to do with a 2 in 1, the m3 should be totally fine. I don’t think anyone is aiming to do anything remotely taxing on a dual core mobile CPU.

The Galaxy Book features an S-Pen which arguably delivers the best inking experience available on a Windows tablet outside of Wacom’s Mobile Studio Pro. It’s also considerably lighter than the Eve v.

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