Community Update 14.03.19

Hey community! is up and running again

One month ago, we closed a curtain around our community for maintenance. It did a great job at keeping the discussion focused on our survey topics whilst we did some housekeeping behind the scenes.

We had hoped to accompany the grand reopening with a fresh new look, but alas, the new design still has some issues that we weren’t able to iron out in time to meet our deadline. That’s not to say we won’t be rolling it out at all, but when we do, it’ll be up to our standards!

That leaves us with the matter of membership. With new projects taking off, we expect to draw attention from a lot of new people. We’ll start by inviting new members to join from among those who filled in our survey. Expect to see some new faces soon!


We’ve gone through a long period where everything that happened, happened on our side. Without regular updates the community had no idea what was going on, and so we provided weekly updates about what we were doing.

At this time, it’ll be quite apparent what we’re doing: we’re crowd-developing new products with you!

For that reason, the regular Friday updates will be suspended until further notice. There will be regular staff posts about the various projects, and if anything else comes up we will of course let you know about it.

The most wanted products of 2019

First of all we would really like to thank everyone for taking part of the survey as well as participating in in-depth discussion for each product category. We have shared our survey with the community, the press and through our newsletter, and we have received over 2000 responses from the three sources combined. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the survey was shared to different audiences we have received very similar responses.

What those responses were? Find out in What’s Next? Survey results are in!.

Now, what’s next?

What project will we take on with you next? First off, we’re happy to announce that as of today Project: Donald Dock is back in action, and you can participate here. It’s already progressed quite a bit, and now that we’ve wiped off the dust we’re looking forward to making this product a reality!

That’s not all, though. Alongside our docking station project we’ll also be tackling new projects, specifically… To be announced! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming crowd development projects from Eve over the course of next week!


Sorry for beeing so harsh (especially in my first post; I’ve been a long time lurker here), but does this mean no one is still working on getting old products/orders delivered?

After all from what I (and assumingly many others feel), the Friday-updates where primarily about this.


It means that all support-related matters like order status, warranty, and so forth, will be handled directly by support, and not in our crowd-development community.

Though just because they’re not being discussed here, does not mean that those efforts simply stop. If you have any questions about your particular order, please contact our support team directly through the contact form on our support page.


out of sight out of mind maybe?


Hope I’m not too late Apollox, but Welcome!