Community Meeting South Germany (Ulm)

Hey Eve-Folks!

We (@Henning, @Pappelau and @Steak) are curently planning to host a meetup in the beautiful city of Ulm, southern Germany.

With the “Ulmer Münster” featuring the world’s highest church Tower, Ulm is for sure worth a visit.

As Meet-ups are usually more fun when there are people to meet up with, it would be amazing if more Eve-Community people would be able to join us.

We came to the conclusion that the restaurant Barfüßer in the centre of Ulm would be a great spot to host a meetup. Have a look at the map to get the exact Location.

map (click me)

Curently @Henning together with his lovely prototype, @Pappelau and @steak have agreed to meet up.

Since Ulm is in the central part of southern Germany it is easy to get there from all of Germany’s south (Stuttgart, München). It isn’t too far away from the Austrian border so if one is willing to drive a bit, he could also join us from upper Austria.
(@iKirin, yes we mean you here :wink:)

Let me quote @riku here:

If you are interested in joining our meet up, let us know by posting into this thread.

What can you expect?


Possible dates:

  • 09 April
  • 15 April

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After the poll was strongly in favour of the 1st option, the meeting will be held on
the 15th of April.

We are looking forward to having a great Meet-up together with you guys :slight_smile:


I will be there!

Hope some more will join us :wink:


I’m not sure if I’m in Germany during easter, but if I’ll try to join.


If it’s on the 15th I might be able to join too :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be able to join you guys on the 15th - not promising anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to look into it :wink:


@JK2010 you may be interested in coming to the meetup in Ulm since it’s not too far away from the border.
Just wanted to inform you, in case you missed this thread

What time did you have in mind for the meet-up?

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We didn’t talk about the specific time yet.
If you’re only able to come at a specific time please tell us when you would like to have the meeting :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty long drive.

So if it’s on Saturday evening, I’d drive out on Saturday and get a hotel to drive back on Sunday.
If it’s on Saturday morning, I’d drive out on Friday evening and get a hotel, and drive back on Saturday.


I hope there will be another community meeting in the area (when also more people have the Vs) as I cannot make this one on either date proposed. :pensive:

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Ulm is just 100minutes from my home in Black Forest. I would prefer Sunday 9th. Looking Forward. Thx

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But if Peter (ikirin) will be there at 15th. I will make this possible…


spoiler: Big update to this thread incoming in about half an hour so stay tuned for that :wink:

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There are some updates regarding our planned meeting:

After the first poll was strongly in favour of the 1st option, the meeting will be held on
the 15th of April.

We weren’t able to determine whether to hold the meeting in the morning or in the evening so here’s another poll for that :smirk:

  • Meeting in the morning (10:00) with lunch at 1pm (13:00)
  • evening dinner (18:00) at 6pm with open end

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In order to be able to place a reservation at the restaurant we have to know how many people will come.
Please vote correspondingly in this poll :smirk:

  • I’ll be there
  • I may come but can’t tell for sure yet

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And now the last poll for today :yum:
but trust me … it’s worth voting here.

As Konstantinos stated here:[quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:6010”]
It seems we will have a lot of meetups upcoming in the next 2 weeks. As discussed all the meetup participants will get Eve T shirts (Meetup host will receive them and give them out upon actual meetup)
everyone will get an Eve T-shirt

So please vote for your size in this last poll.

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

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@Caspa @Helios @thedrawer @Miri @Oernifly @UschiUschinski @Chiesel @larseisberg @Pappelau @ToiletSheep @axelino @Patrick_Hermawan @iKirin @dibadibadu @Pappelau

All of you have voted in this thread or implied that you may be able to come.
Please have a look at the post right above this one and (very important) vote again in all of the new polls.

I really hope that i didn’t forget someone :neutral_face:


I come from Dortmund. Possibility to sleep anywhere? :joy::joy:

don’t ask why I am ready to drive 600km for an prototype xD

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Is the date fixed? There seems to be a tendency towards the 15th but nobody said anything explicitly :smiley:

I would say yes, because we want to reserve our planned location (Barfüßer) as soon as possible.

I hope it’s okay for you and the others :slight_smile:


I can’t come on the 15th.
Have a nice day and enjoyd this meetup :+1:

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@Miri @Caspa @Helios @iKirin @michihansch @Oernifly @JK2010 @larseisberg @ToiletSheep

Currently we have a lot of votes at “I may come but can’t tell for sure yet”, which makes it very difficult for us to plan.

Since we need a quantity for the T-shirts and the reservation of the local.
So please try to check up until the end of the week whether you can participate :slight_smile:

If you can participate, don’t forget to change your vote on the poll above.

Would be awkward if I had to wear all the T-shirts … :wink: