Community Meeting East Germany (Leipzig)

Hello to all interested in East Germany.
@lifeblogv3 @hellBENder @jono and wen I still forgot… @Team

Bernhard (lifeblogv3) and I both fortunately come from Leipzig, from the city of the peaceful revolution and he has just the V Proto2 “Vin2ent” i7 until the next week to visit for a Test.

I am pleased that he has agreed to let the community take part in his Prototest. Therefore we would like to host a small Meetup in the next week. Who has more time and interest of the rapid V Proto2 in the wilderness to see?
As we now know, when @lifeblogv3 must send more his proto, we would for the time being plan the Wednesday 26.04.17 18:00 / 19:00 at the Kildare Irish Pub ( in the centre of Leipzig.
We could have another day a week to a maximum of 01.05. If it fits better and more people can come.
Please leave us your thoughts!

(@iKirin you can please tell, when the proto further must be shipped, so we could plan yet another better date)

  • YES, I come
  • NO, I can not go on Wednesday
  • I would like to come another day

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I would try to organize some T-shirts at Konsta. LINK if the time is still enough.
So please vote for your size in this poll.

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL

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This is my first thread by the Community, sorry for my bad english.
You can also PM me in German.

EVE and the V is great! :heart_eyes:
I am proud to be a part of it. Thank You. Have a nice weekend!


Sorry, unfortunately I touch accidentally the poll about t-shirts when I read this post with my phone and I can’t remove it (or I don’t know how to)…

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Thanks for organising this. Would love to come, but I’ll probably be out of town for a couple of days starting Wednesday :cry:

We could also see if it works on Tuesday. Depending on how many people have time.

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • A later day in the coming week

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I should clarify that “Vin2ent” was just the name I gave my DVT2 - everyone is free to call give his/her prototype it’s own name :wink:

Basically around 1st of May - more infos to come soon ™

I’m not sure since this is pretty spontaneous and we’d also have to ship them to you until the meetup - but it’d be cool! :slight_smile:


Oh I tough we only have one week. Then you push the Meeting a bit back if more would come…

Peter Thanks for your info. Yes, I know very spontaneously. I also did not think that I organize the meeting, but @ lifeblogv3 is very involved with the tests, so I take it over.
1.May is great, so we could also choose a later date if more could participate.
Please ask who wants to come!

Oh, I thought it was the name EVE gave out. :grin:

It would be fun to join a second meetup since I’ll be going to Leipzig in the beginning of May but i doubt I’ll be there early enough :smiley:

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No, I just gave those names to make it easier for me (and some of my family) to address which prototype is which DVT :wink:


Cool, would love to see the V live. I am also living in Leipzig. Wednesday or Tuesday does not matter to me. 1st of May is also okay here. Please do not consider a Friday :wink:

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how’s about to swap the meeting point to middle Germany, near Frankfurt or something like else to reach more people?


Since when is Frankfurt in the middle of Germany? :smiley: There was a Meeting in South Germany already and I don’t have Time for driving around (also I don’t have a Car) - so it stay’s in Leipzig, sorry.

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Unfortunately the time for the organization is scarce.
There are also more other prototype testers. Maybe someone from Germany @iKirin ?
There you could also organize your own meeting, if possible. Sorry.

Unfortunately it’s a bit tight on my schedule so I’m pretty sure I can’t make it :frowning: Sorry about that.

Sorry, I meant, if you have an overview, who still gets a prototype from Germany.

@Patrick_Hentschel + @kaum Can you please still vote here on which day you can come?
@hellBENder Do you have time in one day?

I think I won’t make it, sorry. Though it could be that I decide spontaniously, but don’t plan with me. Have fun.

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I thought I have voted. I recast the vote - hope you got it now.
I am available both tomorrow and Wednesday or May 1st

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i can’t come, my skull got broken sry

What? Are you ok? That sounds bad…

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