Community Meet-up | May 2021 China


Yo, community!

You’ll be able to meet our China team this May! We plan to host a meet-up in Suzhou, China, on a day around 13th May. Spectrum, Xbox Series X, PS5… You can have your hands on all of them. If you happen to be around, join us and we’ll have fun together! Don’t hesitate to reach out to @Team in a private message if you’d like to come. Please also tell us if you have a preferred date and time. We are super pumped and cannot wait to see you there!

Oh, feel free to bring cool devices with you and try them with Spectrum!

Even though Covid seems under control in China, we will have masks and disinfectants on hand, and we recommend people observe appropriate safety practices. As much as we love to meet everyone, if you are experiencing symptoms, please stay home!



Really want to join the meet as I’m from Suzhou if you mean the Suzhou, Jiangsu xd, btw will the Spectrum available to ship to China Mainland?

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Yes, yes. In Suzhou. I’ll personal message you the address, it’s sheduled for today.