Community feature: Logging out strict

Dear community.
I recently logged out of the community, and found myself logged out everywhere. Some of you have probably noticed it yourselves as well.
This is because we have the setting “log out strict” enabled. The settings sum it up like this: “When logging out, log out ALL sessions for the user on all devices” which is a pretty good summary.

I personally want to disable the setting. But I don’t want to do it without consulting you, the community.
So I want to hear your thoughts. Why do you think this should be enabled? Why do you think it should be disabled?

  • Keep enabled
  • Disable

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I guess this makes sense so you can logout your phones as well in case it’s stolen but most of us probably have their password saved there anyways.
Using Eve community from another persons computer and then logging out would be a case where disabling this feature would come in handy but I don’t do that either …

Honestly I never use the logout function, so this won’t really affect me.


I think it should stay enabled just for the security reasons

Care to elaborate? I think I get some, but I have no illusion I can imagine all the reasons to keep it enabled.

I think it’s not really necessary! This function is probably intressting if there are very private matters you use the forum for…so not really for a tech-community like us!
And I don’t want to have to login again at home or on my phone just because i logged out at work!


On board with that, the only time I do need to log out is when I am using someones other computer and/or phone and my devices have the passwords saved anyway, so there is no extra security from strict logout but rather inconvenience of having to login again everywhere to get notifications.


This finally explains why I was logged out so often without getting the reason why :joy:


Well, if you forget to log out from a public PC, you can just connect from your phone and log out… But I think this shouldn’t be the default. Maybe we could have a separate “log out everywhere” button in settings?


It should get disabled in my opinion, as logging out from a public computer will not throw you out in all places.

To deal with what @pauliunas has said, maybe there is some sort of sessions monitor that allows disabling a certain session from within the user account (in case I forgot to logout somewhere else and have no chance to return to that computer/device). Or yes, a separate “logout all” button in the account would also work for that instance, but separately from the logout for this session I’m in right now.


Like many people I use a lot of device to access at this forum and I don’t want to login all the time.
This said I use my google account so it’s pretty quick to do and I understand the security reasons behind this rule.
The better way will be to have 2 buttons to logout like proposed @pauliunas


I agree with the log out everywhere button being created

Are there any other options than “log out strict” enabled or disabled?
Can you log out from one device and be logged in on others?

From purely security point of view, I’d like to keep it enabled.

I want to tell you that I have asked discourse about it, and you can read their thoughts here: A way to log out elsewhere/ everywhere with "log out strict" disabled - ux - Discourse Meta

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As long as there is an option in the settings to logout of all open sessions I’m fine with disabling the feature.