Community* designed V accessories

Does the community of V owners want to have a tablet protection case?

  • yes
  • no
  • idk
  • fuck off :fu: stop disturbing me

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note: this is a case like the ones for your phone, NOT a laptop sleeve.

Any design suggestions are welcome below.

thnx, @tld8102

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I want to be able to protect my V (when it arrives) from damage, but I also want to see the beauty of the V without it being covered by a protector. If we can find a way to balance these two factors (think DBrand Grip), I’m all for it.

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dearly noted. possibly like corner guards?

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want smth like Incipio rugged case for heavy outdoor and construction site use… military standard safety for the device. with a strong backplate to mount it to a camera tripod or smth like that

Dearly note. One concern is… because the V in fanless and the chassis is heat sync. Unless u want the significantly thermal throttle your V, a backplate is not recommended. However, what if the backplate was a extension of the chassis heat sync? But are you willing to smother ur V in thermal paster for effective thermals?


Book club.

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Where’s my promised Book Club.

BTW by “Poles” do you mean Artur_Jedrzejewski ? Because I’m sure he’s not about to close anything just yet.


Shouldn’t this poll be followed up with “what do you want to see in a V protection case?”

Right now it’s more “some dude(or lady person) designed V protection case”.

Do you mean protection like some kind prophylactic protection?

Or does that also mean some kind of other Dude or Lady type protective measure?

Then again a gunny sack would work as well I guess, like the one I suggested ages ago.

Nah I was just commenting about how it’s more of an individual designed accessory atm.

You know what they say: “there’s no ‘i’ in communty”.

that mate.
the design will be influenced by the features suggested by people depending on the amount of like for the idea suggestion.

Greetings Everybody,
First of all, this accessory is targeted my mates who use the Type I power plug. This includes community members from: Argentina, Straya, China, New Zealand and a bunch of other small island nations.
As a student who uses a V everyday with unpredictable varying workloads, means I have to carry around my charger with me due to battery anxiety. Sometime I run a bit late in the mornings, so I shove the things I need for the day into my bag. But when I need to charge my V I find the prongs on my charger adapter bend ever so slightly. If you’re having similar issues, well I have the solution for you! I’ve designed this prong protector so issues like this won’t happen again. Below you’ll find the .STL file for the charger adapter protector and images of a prototype that didn’t print so well. Feel free to download, modify my design and print it. If you don’t have access to a 3Dprinter, my services are available. Please email me for details:

.stl file:


If you use the other two charger adapter that EVE gives you in the box, please vote below. I may or may not design a charger adapter protector for you depending on the results.

Do you want a power adapter protector for your charger? Which type?

  • Type C (EU)
  • Type G (UK)

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UPDATE: in the meantime, the tablet protector is coming along nicely and should my ready in a fortnight. Currently, the appearance and function of the tablet case have progressed towards a bumper design so that thermal performance would not be severely impacted.

thnx, Ray.


hey guys,
should the tablet case for the V be: (1)ultra protective but sacrifice the kickstand or (2)be slightly less protective which allows the full use of the kickstand or (3)a more finicky bumper with multiple pieces that incorporated the other two benefits above^

  • (1)
  • (2)
  • (3)

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That looks like it uses a lot more material than is necessary.

Personally, seeing as the cable is detachable and can be stored separately, I much prefer this:


It’s just a sleeve of sorts that I appropriated from some other device - it doesn’t address your concern (the prongs bending) but this plug would be much sturdier than the two flat pins on the one you use.

Primarily, it keeps my charger from scratching up everything in my bag.


Hey guys.
Update: the V protection bumper is comming along nicely. But below i where i need ur imput
Would you put adhesive(3m or generic) on the V’s corner bezels? like the Dbrand skins ish

  • Yes
  • No

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would you like to see a sturdy clip for the V pen/Surface pen apart of the case?

  • Yes
  • No

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clipboard functionality?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not needed
  • Only if it doesn’t comprises the size and bulk of the case anymore.

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UPDATE: prototype 1
progress is coming along very well. however i would like to add another fortnight onto the estimated time of release because a few changes need to be made to the design. like: making the kickstand with case on the V function more fluidly, touch-up on some IO holes and refining the overall fit.
From the results of the polls, i have designed a case ish* for the EVE V.
i have chosen a bumper design so that the case is equal doesn’t compromise on the V’s thermal performance, IO functionality and overall bulk of the device.
i realise that putting adhesive on the V’s thicc conner bezels was a major turn-off. however I have yet to source appropriate adhesive for the case. (that is why you see tape in the pics below) suggestions are welcome below.
@team i would be very helpful if i could get the exacts dimentions of the device including specifically the arch dimension but it would take too long for a reply.


Oof, that fingerprint sensor looks like it would have to be more of a fingernail sensor, surrounded by material like that.

Also how do you work the kickstand with this?

Good idea, but imo it needs a lot more refining. Keep it up.

this is only the first prototype. second prototype should be ready is 2 weeks. (i hope)
the kickstand is full functional cause the bottom bumpers are comprised of two separate pieces for each bumper. although the fit and functionality require modification cause currently its a bit snug and is not easy to open the kickstand.
I totally agree with you about the fingerprint issue. “the issue dearly noted and will be process accordingly”.

do you think i should release a .stl file of the V case for free or should I sell the V as a product (for a affordable unknown amount) to support my education finances?:slightly_smiling_face:

  • yes
  • no
  • keep dreaming
  • €5
  • €10

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*btw i really don’t know how much a euro is worth in terms of proportion to standard income. so if someone can tell me below. i understand as a student with extremely restricted finances that money is very valuable. so really please tell me if €5 or €10 is a bit overpriced for some.

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Yes and no don’t make sense to answer your question, because it’s not a yes or no question. So I went with keep dreaming :slight_smile:


I think, to make it feasible producing and selling them by yourself, you should calculate the production costs and average shipping costs for e.g. France, USA, Argentina and China. If you’d add them you’ll know how much the product will cost for buyers.

If France would total to €6.- as the cheapest and Argentina to € 15,- you could chose to let everyone pay €15,- so you’ll make some profit on sales within every continent except South-America.

You could also use those totals to decide which profit margin on the product itself would lead to acceptible prices in every region including shipping. This last option gives you the freedom to get rid of the payments for shipping and let the buyers be responsible for that.
It will however be likely to result in lower profits.

The final price I’d like to pay for it depends on the quality and could go up to €60,- if it would be really premium. Considering a prototype-like product, I think €20,- is borderline and €15,- would be optimal.

If you don’t want to go through all this effort you could release the .stl file.