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Beloved community,

It’s time to select the crown :crown: and win prizes :moneybag:. Let’s find out!

Just a minute…

We started a community competition of Spectrum wallpapers one month ago. You guys submitted an incredible 40 entries covering our three themes – Triangle, Speed, and Together. We have been blown away by your enthusiasm and creativity shown in your artwork. In this follow-up topic, our community gets to decide which entries are the best of the best!

Your entries

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All of the following entries are licensed under CC BY 4.0.


Speed Triangles V1 by @Juan_Hidalgo
Speed Triangles V1

Pyramid Flipper by @AntonyTerence
Pyramid Flipper

Focus by @jozedwardo

Make a Splash by @Traveler
Make a Splash

EVE Knot by @Dijah
EVE Knot - Wallpaper

Low-Key Lift by @the_massive
Low-Key Lift

Cutting triangles by @NikGud
Cutting triangles

eve Triangles by @tech_o_maniac
eve Triangles

V10 by @Mohammad_Hadi

Jungle Triangle by @hackz101
Jungle Triangle

Wave of Reflection by @KiePower
Wave of Reflection

Red glow by @Kvastin
Red glow

Stand Above by @Brendon_Leenheer
Stand Above
Originals and variants

Infinity by @Imperial_Eagle

Lightning by @Stefinitely

Forever Revered by @REDBONE_ZERO
Forever Revered


Speed V1 by @Juan_Hidalgo
Speed V1

Punch it by @jozedwardo
Punch it

Simple Speed by @Maszo_Pok
Simple Speed

Grand Prix by @Techmo
Grand Prix

Dynamic waves by @NikGud
Dynamic waves

1ms by @hackz101

Feed the Machine by @KiePower
Feed the Machine

Amongst Stars by @Imperial_Eagle
Amongst Stars

eve motion by @Bruk
eve motion

To the Moon by @Stefinitely
To the Moon

Cleverly Developed by @REDBONE_ZERO
Cleverly Developed


created by v1 by @Juan_Hidalgo
created by v1

Full spectrum by @jozedwardo
Full spectrum

Community by @Traveler

EVE – Triangle Fall by @Dijah
EVE – Triangle Fall

Healthy Together with Triangle Pose by @tech_o_maniac
Healthy Together with Triangle Pose

The Creation of Spectrum by @hackz101
The Creation of Spectrum

Unity by @Drummer829

Outer Spectrum by @joseph_ramirez
Outer Spectrum

The Wall by @KiePower Your entries
The Wall

Simply Together by @Brendon_Leenheer
Simply Together

Above by @Imperial_Eagle

Hope by @Stefinitely

Everybody Achieves by @REDBONE_ZERO
Everybody Achieves

Prizes & Poll

We offer a prize pool consisting of 150 USD worth of Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation gift cards (winner’s choice) to reward our community creators. Each theme’s highest voted entry will get a $30 worth of gift card, and the second-highest voted entry of each theme will get a $20 value of gift card. A creator can be a winner of multiple themes. The following polls will close at 23:00 Helsinki time 15th Nov.

Which wallpaper is your favorite?

Please click/tap a thumbnail to select the option, and click/tap “Vote now!” to vote. To view the original picture, please click/tap “by @membername.”

Triangle theme

Speed theme

Together theme

Looking forward to our winners

We will announce and contact our winners with instructions on arranging to claim your prizes in the week after the polls are closed. Creators, good luck!

Enjoy the amazing wallpapers, everybody!



title: Colorful Triangles V1
theme: Triangles ENTRY

Colorful triangles V1 by Juan Hidalgo Lozano is licensed under CC BY 4.0


title: Speed Triangles V2
theme: Speed & Triangles

Speed Triangles V2 by Juan Hidalgo Lozano is licensed under CC BY 4.0CC iconby icon


We need more activity in this post! Great work by @Juan_Hidalgo!


Title: Doppler
Theme: Triangles, Speed

Doppler by José Eduardo Sánchez Pérez is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0CC iconby iconsa icon


title: Community v1.1
theme: together

Community V1.1 by Juan Hidalgo Lozano is licensed under CC BY 4.0


title: community v1.5
theme: together

Community v1.5

Community V1.5 by Juan Hidalgo Lozano is licensed under CC BY 4.0


This isn’t a wallpaper design but I have a suggestion as I am very artistically challenged, I wasn’t sure how to show this but what if the back of the monitor had a big Eve triangle going around the stand/Vesa mount square with LED color lights that could be customized (instead of a giant circle that a lot of other high end monitors have). On both sides have a bunch of e/E’s that will light up randomly or as programed so that the eVe/EVE name will always be lighted up and shown so that one could possibly see the name on the wall behind the monitor. Or have the giant triangle with LED color lights and just a giant e/E on either side. Again, I am sorry that I could how this in a picture, I really did try but maybe somebody else can take this a create something beautiful.

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Could you post a reference of what your idea is based on so we can understand it better? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t have a title or a theme but this is more of a crude concept. The idea is that the triangle and the e’s light up or at least the triangle. The first option in the smaller images is supposed to be a triangle with an e coming off all three sides while creating a smaller triangle in the middle.

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Oh so this is actually hardware stuff, having actual leds on the back panel. Got you now.

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I guess it doesn’t have to be LED.

:fire: Hey guys! We sincerely appreciate your submissions – just so good! :heart_eyes: As its closing time (25th October 23:00 Helsinki time) nears, we would like to ask you to decide and clearly label the ones you intend to use as entries. @AntonyTerence @jozedwardo @Traveler @Dijah @the_massive @Maszo_Pok @Techmo @NikGud @tech_o_maniac @Mohammad_Hadi @hackz101 @Drummer829 @joseph_ramirez That is, please ensure (edit if needed) your entries are marked with a single theme (one of Triangle, Speed, and Together), and you are allowed to have up to one entry per theme. For you guys who are super creative and came up with a handful of submissions, @Juan_Hidalgo please also put the word entry beside the theme to help us recognize your intended entries. Thank you, and keep up the fantastic work! :+1:t2:


my icon is in the community so this one is the best


title: Feed the Machine
theme: Speed

Feed the Machine by Kie Power is licensed under CC BY 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


@REDBONE_ZERO Awesome submission! Please submit it in the required resolution for entering the community poll. Thank you!


Dear creators, please feel free to share refined versions or other aspect ratios – many of you will love ultrawide/phone versions, won’t you?


Wowww, talking about some tough competition! Well done to all participants :exploding_head:


Wow this is super hard because so many great wallpapers, amazing job community!


@jozedwardo I love those acrylic-looking triangles! Nice material work! :slight_smile:

@REDBONE_ZERO What tool did you use to make those wallpapers? The results are very high quality, and I love the post effects. I just can’t tell if it’s photoshop or a 3D tool, or something entirely different.