@ community A question to Corel 2017 SOLVED. Solvation below!

I want to ask the community. Who is using Corel 2017? With my M3 I encountered severe Problems starting it. It takes an awful lot of time until it is started and I can work with. I wonder if it is MY combination of the software i am using or if there is any other person in here, having the same problem so it might be hardware related. Thanks for your answers. (It takes long meens starting takes about 2 and more minutes, by the way.) I am using the latest version of the corel suite.

My 6 yr old i7 Dell laptop with 8GB RAM & SATA SSD takes around 5 seconds to launch Corel x8 (2016). Not sure if that helps…

That is what I expect. My very very old toshiba notebook even starts the x8 in about 20 seconds. I’d be interested, if someone has made any bad experences with the 2017 one on a V. If not, than I can be sure, that it is anything on the configuration of my V. If so, it might be any hardware related issue.

I haven’t used CorelDraw for many years now but it was always a big eater of resources so maybe that hasn’t changed and you’re suffering with the m3’s relatively limited multi-tasking capabilities.

Now I know, what’s wrong. Corel 2017 and the color calibration Software can’t do together. As soon as I exit the Calman software, corel starts immedeately (within 8 seconds)
@team could you at one stage figure out, why calman makes probs with corel? Would be nice


Thanks for info - as a heavy Corel user waiting for HEB V that is important for me.