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For the site -

I just have to say that it is so graphic-intense with hip and groovy images and animation that it is difficult to really see what the product is. And while I’m sure someone had a great deal if fun building the site, the way you present your product is so confusing and muddled, it doesn’t make me want to buy it at all - I figure if your website is so cluttered and confusing, how good can the product be?



Your opinion is valid of course but personally I love the website. It’s ethos of being anti establishment and “for the people” comes across very well for me. The product itself is also visible both in pictures and spelt out in text, but to be honest it’s not the kind of product you would buy by randomly stumbling across the website. A typical customer in my opinion would be a tech enthusiast and would have known about the V from reviews or this forum.

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I like the page and the fact that it’s different compared to other product pages. It got me very excited about the V when I first saw it 2 years ago. But I also get the point you are making. But as with everything in web, the best is to test how the target customers interact with the pages and make changes accordingly.

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Hello Kee, I don’t know if your handle, ‘senior creator’ means that you’re one of the people who have worked to develop the Eve? If so, I imagine that what I said is akin to telling a parent, ‘gee, you sure have an ugly baby.’

All that aside, if Eve and the website are about being “for the people” and I am one of said people, then I’d expect a more ‘anti-establishment’ response might be, hmmm, maybe this is something we (the 'anti-establishment ‘leaders’ - now there’s an oxymoron) should consider - which is of course all I’m asking for.

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Hey Fredda, yeah absolutely your views are valid though if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that you cant please all the people all the time BUT absolutely you can listen and take into all views.

My handle just means I’ve been around here for a while and have been v actively contributing. Hope to have you around here and contributing too!

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