Combining Topics?

Hi All!

I don’t really know where to put this question but I figured I could ask anything I’d like here :sweat_smile: .

I’ve been reading the forum for 2 months now and after having bought a V yesterday, I’ve decided to actively participate in this community.
I’ve read multiple topics on problems or possible opportunities for improving the drivers of the pen. I think I’d provide the forum with a service with making a new topic which combines every topic on improvement of the pen usage.
I’m new to making content over here so help me out. Should I make a new topic that combines multiple topics? Will I provide a service or just make an annoying duplicate of multiple topics? Help me helping this community becomming even more effective :wink:

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Not really needed to combine all the topics to one. It will just create a big mess so to speak :stuck_out_tongue:

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A wiki would be a nice touch for this, as well as for other tips/tricks.