Colour Accuracy Without CalMan Calibration

So we all know that the colour accuracy of the display pretty much hits 100% sRGB with the colour calibration enabled. Has anyone tested what it is without the calibration? Would be nice to know as I don’t like having programs running in the background unless absolutely necessary.

You should be able to temporarily disable the Calman service in the Services snap-in and upon reboot see how it looks.

Unfortunately I haven’t received my V yet, I’m in the December 4th flash sale batch :frowning:

The natural color accuracy of each uncalibrated device can vary wildly. Also, this heavily depends on the eyes/brain of the user regarding how “good” the screen looks.

Unless you’re somebody that depends on accurate color modeling, it’s perfectly fine to choose whichever looks best to you. All in all, just wait until you get your V and see how much you like like the calibration.

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The uncalibrated profile of CalMan looks very off though. I don’t want to insinuate anything, but they might make it look worse on purpose. So, best to go with @Jamil_Stafford 's tip and deactivate it completely to look for the “real” display colour and test it. But you can also read up on the Dell Latitude 7285 since it uses our display and isn’t calibrated as far as I know (Up here). That should give you an idea as well :slight_smile:

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