Color too dark for Xbox series x

Need help with picture connected to Xbox with hdmi 2.1 the color just seems off does any one recommend any suggestions?

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On your xbox series x what is your color set to for example ycc422. Also did you calibrate your xbox series x?

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I have ycc222 on and yes I did but it looks really washed out

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Is HDR on or off? Usually HDR on makes things look washed out. Did you try changing brightness to see if that helped a bit if you have hdr off. Also have you downloaded firmware 104?


No I haven’t updated yet waiting for my brother to bring his windows since I have a Mac will that fix it?

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Yes give firmware 104 a try and see if that made any difference.

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Ok I’ll let you know when I do

This what it looks like but I’m person it’s really washed out colors ain’t poppin at all

The weird thing is that if I watch a hdr video on YouTube it looks amazing but when I play warzone it looks bad could it be possible that it’s the game?


Warzone has had a lot of problems for others from various things like frame rates to color and to crashes during gameplay. What are your video settings in the game?

Is Hdr enabled on your xbox series x? If so then yes firmware 104 should help fix it.

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Updated it looks a little better I think I just have to get the colors on the monitor right I like when it’s like blueish on the preset cool I like how it looks just have to tune it but I’m not that good at it what are your Monitor settings?

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Hey, @christian_cantero!

Before diving into color temperature tuning, I recommend you first make sure your Xbox Series X settings have been configured to make the most out of your ES07D03.

Aside from this, I’m happy to offer some tips on how to tune the color temperature of ES07D03 to your liking. The following guide only applies to SDR as HDR uses unique color temperature settings that are not configurable in the OSD.

To start with, switch the Color temperature to User defined in the Picture menu of the OSD. By default, this will provide the same color temp as the 6504K Normal preset.

Given that your preference is close to the 7504K Cool, it’ll be a good idea only to reduce the Red and Green settings in User-defined temperature. Although due to panel variation, it is unlikely that the perfect setting (for the look you seek) on one ES07D03 can be replicated on your ES07D03 just by having the exact numbers. Therefore, you probably need to rely on your observation to tune the color temp just right.

Move onto the tuning: reduce the green first. You’ll notice that the screen goes red-blueish as the number decreases. You can pause at any point and reduce the green accordingly to find a good balance between the redness and greenness, then observe if the bluish color is the kind of blue you want it to be. The lower the red and green, the bluer the screen becomes.

Best of luck getting your perfect color temperature!

Ok what about the brightness and sharpness

I meant the contrast and sharpness

For color accuracy, contrast needs to be left default (50). As for sharpness, ES07D03 makes sure the default sharpness setting does not alter this aspect of the input signal. On that note, you can freely pick the sharpness you like.

Ok what do you reccomend to calibrate the monitor should I get a spyder pro?

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Well, getting a colorimeter typically allows more accurate calibration than using our own eyes for it. I personally use a SpyderXElite and have the following guide on how to calibrate ES07D03 with it.

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