Coil Whine but only when Spectrum is turned off


I just received my Spectrum and instantly upgraded the firmware to version 104 so I don’t know if it is related to it but my monitor is making a constant coil whine noise when it is turned off.

I remember that some people already mentioned a similar noise in this conversation but they were talking about a noise when Spectrum is in use. In my case it only happens when Spectrum is turned off. Does anyone else have the same issue?

It’s not the biggest problem but it is still weird to me that it only happens when the monitor is turned off. As someone who is very sensitive to this type of noise and has his Spectrum in his bedroom it forces me to unplug the Spectrum every time I’m done using it.

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Yep, I noticed this too on my monitor.


That was me in the other conversation and yep the coil whine is annoying while the monitor is in standby too.

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yea I have this issue too, I had a 1 outlet adapter with an on/off switch so I didn’t have to unplug the monitor after use. Hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware update

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Hi @etieno,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Spectrum.

The Team are looking into this and will provide a response shortly.

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Hey there,
I’m having the same issue. It’s interesting so, that this only is happening to one of my two monitors and I only recognize it immediately after the shut down. Never walked by and heard it after some time has passed (or while lying in my bed).

@etieno Have you tested whether the whine disappears over time?

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Hello and Happy New Year to all!

This is translated by a translator.

Happy owner of the Êve Spectrum I noticed a strong unpleasant electrical noise when I use HDR. I could see that an update could mitigate the problem I would see later I have for the moment disabled the hdr.
I’m with firmeware 1.02
However when I turn off my PS5 and EVE goes to sleep there is a light electrical noise that also comes out of the back of the monitor and there I do not understand why especially since the transformer is external.

Either! I tell myself that either the standby is not effective or you really have to turn off the monitor so I turn it off directly from the power button but unfortunately the noise still remains and the only solution and unplug the EVE monitor.

Is it a defect? is normal? Defect ?

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I have two Spectrum monitors that exhibit coil whine when off or in standby. It is much louder in standby than when off. I have a single DisplayPort cable connected to each from a Dell Thunderbolt dock. There’s no change to the whine if I remove the DisplayPort cable from the back of the monitors.

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Hey, @Djamel

The coil whine that was present when in use and standby has been somewhat mitigated with newer firmware, you can either upgrade to v104 by obtaining it from the website Support page or else you can try a newer v105 that has been posted to the community in this topic: Spectrum | Firmware 105 Early Access

Please note that you’ll need special instructions to downgrade from either v105 to v104, or from v105 / v104 to v102, as noted in the second link provided by Marvin.

One thing you could try is to see if the USB Hub setting alters the whine - In v104 and v105, in the OSD on the Input / Output page, select the USB Hub setting, and try using the “Turn off with monitor” to see if that helps. I suspect it will not, as I think the whine is more from the 100W charging afforded by the Type-C connection, but firmware v104 had a fix for this problem specifically, and many people reported that, at the very least, it helped reduce the whine to more tolerable levels.

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I wrote months ago to the support team and still no response to the issue wtf. I don’t want to crawl under the table and reach between furniture to unplug the monitor.

Hi there,

Which firmware version are you in?

I also have coil whine when switched off. It’s very light, though, and does not bother me, but I also do not sleep in the same room. Now that you brought it up, I can hear it from 2 meters distance (probably now it will start driving me crazy, thank you :smiley: ).

It matters not if my laptop is connected to the USB-C or not.

It happens when the screen is in power saving mode. If I turn it on without input source for example, there is no noise until about five seconds later when the screen goes to sleep. It is also constant when the monitor is switched off. The whine is at a slightly different frequency in this case.
There is no noise when the monitor is active with an input source.

Has been so in FW 104, 107 and 108.

Pretty much the same here. Was like that on v107 and is still the case on v108. Not a big deal, but also not perfect.

my current update is 107

I sleep in the same room as the monitor it’s roughly 3-4 meters away from my bed. It is not acceptable due to the price of the monitor. this is not a mid range 400€ monitor.

Same issue for me. I ended up buying a smart plug just for the monitor so I can easily unplug it at night. Definitely not ideal and should not be needed on a high-end monitor, but it works.