Coffee (Lake) Discussion

How do you love your coffee? Espresso? Latte macchiato? American? with sugar? without sugar? What kind of machine do you use? Let’s have a discussion about that to make an imaginary coffee lake!!!

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I normally drink flat white everyday.

For people who doesn’t know what a flat white is, it is basically the Australian version of Cafe Latte, but with even less milk froth.

I had a cheap second hand espresso machine at home but I don’t really use it on work days. We got a Nespresso machine (Citiz) in the office this year and I have been absolutely loving it! The convenience of the single use pod is life changing. The quality and consistency of the coffee it makes is way better than what an amateur barista like myself can achieve. The only complain I have is that the current system we have comes with an AEROCCINO for forthing the milk. It is a very convenience unit, but the milk forth it makes is just not as good as a steam wand.

My current favourite bean is the Indriya from India. Intense and works really well with milk.


Nespresso is way too expensive and bad for the environment imo. The coffee is good, but I simply can’t afford it and also don’t want to due to the high amount of waste it produces. Coffee is bad enough by itself already.

And now to the nice part: I’ll try cold brew soon. Already got my can. Just need coffee now :smiley: (they’re both at different locations :wink: ). Usually I just used a one cup filter machine with a reusable filter that I bought for 10€ together with my flatmates since we needed something cheap and needed it quickly. And now it just works and works :joy:

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Actually, Nespresso is better for the environment than other coffee machines using plastic cups (which, I agree, does not make it good for the environment). The aluminium used can be recycled (if thrown in the right trash can that is). There are of course other elements to it which make the overall picture a negative one (e.g. high price but still not fully fair trade etc). I usually only drink a cup a day at home, the rest at work or with friends, so the price point was not really an issue compared to a one of the full coffee makers (full beans, fresh milk, etc).

Being in the US at the moment, sadly, there is no such thing as good coffee besides very few coffee bars that that e.g. have a nice Italian espresso machine. And I’m definitely not talking Starbucks. I do like my coffee intense, ideally as espresso and no milk or an espresso macchiato light on milk.
(And if I end up going to Starbucks it usually ends up being a Cafe Mocha.)

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As @exialpho mentioned, Nespresso now runs a recycle program. I ordered a bunch of their pre-paid postage satchel and just post the used capsule back to them once it’s full. And of course it is more expensive to use Nespresso compare to ground coffee, but at least it is almost 80% cheaper than ordering a coffee at a cafe. My local cafe charge AU$3.7 for a single shot flat white/cafe lattee, while an average Nespresso capsule is $0.69…


I totally get you, mate. Though if you’re more into flat whites than cappuccinos, the Aeroccino does the job :slightly_smiling_face: Having said that, I do am longing for having a Nespresso with a properly frothed milk and I am just starting to see those new Nespresso machines with steam wands !!! I want one of those :yum: Problem is … it is perhaps only slightly cheaper than an m3 V :sweat_smile:

I am more on the tea Lake side xD


Family from wifes side is into “cups” machines, and although the coffee is not bad i would be missing the flexibility and i dont like the price and am too lazy to shop the cups all the time as i enjoy a couple of cups a day.
I am a no sugar espresso fan, with cream from time to time, but i enjoyed a Starbucks Americano or ice coffee when abroad, although i was a little shocked how fast i hopped on the supersize train.
I learned my wife how to use an espresso machine and the coffee from her is better as i do, she does not want to share her secret and jokes the secret ingredient is a grain of love …
I have a cheap termo-block espresso machine which falls apart: chrome platting goes off through the heat, the termo block is aluminium, it was leaking so i had to disassemble and clean just to find out some pieces were baked together (impossible to unscrew …) :stuck_out_tongue:
I wait till it dies and am looking from time to time for a replacement, but as said, the good ones are ugly and miss functionality, but i do want to avoid to buy mainstream and go for a new machine again after 5 years or see it disintegrate after 3…
At the moment i am thinking about the Catler ES8013 (i stumbled upon it on our vacation last year, so had the chance to try it) and it looks good with decent features, seems well build, negative: it is mainstream with thermo block and not cheap for being just a thermo block…

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It seems that the trend in my work is to do the coffee mith AEROPRESS, they even have the milk warmer/centrifuge.
I think that’s too much to wash, so I go with a traditional coffee filtration: filter holder, disposable filter, coffee grounds and hot water, on the cup.
But I admit that the instant coffee would have even less to wash.
Usually the coffee gets cold before I drink it up, so I would appreciate a heated cup by cooling the eve :blush::+1:t2:

How is an aeropress too much to wash? you just have to rinse it - something you should be doing with your filter holder regardless. I use one daily - you can actually reuse the tiny paper filter many times, or you can buy one that is made of metal and just needs a rinse.

I have a Nespresso as well, and participate in the recycling program - fill up a box and send it in - all free of charge.

But I stick to the aeropress mostly - the nespresso is a little expensive.

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I have started using a new coffee press, called an American Press. It makes a more flavorful cup than does a French press and is more a cross between a Nespresso and a French Press. It has a cartridge that fills with coffee that is passed through a chamber therefore brewing coffee with pressure unlike a traditional French Press. The coffee is much cleaner than a French Press because the grains stay within the chamber in the press.

As for coffee, I am totally off the deep end. I have coffee beans shipped in from Jamaica (I order through a Canadian roaster who officially ships, but the site of shipping origin for the coffee is Jamaica, not Canada). I roast the beans myself (I buy them green) and use them within days of roasting. Most of the beans I have are Wallingford Estate peaberry.

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I’m a tea guy. Tea Lake. xD


Mocha all the way. :grinning:

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Beer rulez - Pilsner Urquell or Budvar/Budweisser (the original one, not that US mix of dish water and diluted donkey piss).

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is the american press made of glass or plastic? I’d really like aeropress to make a metal version.

also, do you mind sharing where you order your peaberry? :slight_smile:

Oh, please, this is off-topic!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We have a swiss made JURA fully automatic machine (bean to cup). Fill in coffeebeans and water, press the button and the horrible sound of the electric grinder makes you more awake than a coffee ever can…


My experience is that as rinsing the aeropress, some of the cofee grounds tend to get in the sink and the sewer will get a blockage after a time. As using a traditional filter you can throw the filter with coffee grounds in the bio-garbage as a whole.

But that would only be the case if it is one that never gets enough water. If you have one where you wash the dishes and there is a large amount of water going through the sewer regular, that should not be a problem.