Clean Windows 10 LTSB experience, without LTSB licensing

Windows 10 Decrapifier, 1803

This script will “decrapify” your Windows 10 install, removes all the telemetry and unnecessary UWP apps. The apps left are:

  • Camera
  • Store
  • Calculator
  • Sticky Notes
  • Photos
  • Sound Recorder
  • Paint

And the advantages of using this tweak:

  • Increased stability, security, performance, storage space, RAM, and battery life: With less program running in the background, less things can go wrong, and less resources are taken
  • Less cluttered app menu
  • Increased privacy, as it gets rid of (most) of the phoning home features. Keep in mind that this is more of a side effect than the actual purpose of the tweak. If you are serious about your privacy, you probably would want to tweak it a little more afterwards. Or just cut off your internet.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • If you use onedrive, you may want to use the argument “-onedrive” (without quotes) to leave all OneDrive content fully functional
  • “-tablet” argument for tablets or 2-in-1s to leave location and sensors enabled.
  • And also the usual: Im not the developer. Im not responsible if anything breaks

Sounds cool, that exactly HELP for our win 10 install :clap:

Stop its auto-update is important as well

Auto update can be easily disabled by a registry edit, or simply disabling the Windows Update service, but I’d not really recommend it.

The reason is usually updates also brings improvements under the hood. Some of which improves performance, battery life, and security.


I’m going to agree with Patrick here, update are good (as much as people don’t like them) and necessary, the piece that Microsoft should have handled better was when the updates happen, and not let computers just automatically restart for updates while in use.

If you do some googling on registry and group policy changes for windows update you can customize your experience with it, but I’ll let you tread that path on your own.