Clean Windows 10 1809 for Eve V


  1. Windows is fully updated as of October 2018
  2. Latest drivers included. No “warning” in Device Manager
  3. Based on vanilla Windows.
  4. Bloat free. Only 7 UWP apps included: Microsoft Store, Calculator, Sticky Notes, Photos, Sound Recorder, Paint, and Screen Sketch. The rest can be downloaded from Store
  5. Fully working refresh and reset functionality.
  6. Various Windows tweaks | File Indexing paused on battery | Verbose messages, you get more information in boots and shutdowns



The normal way, recommended for most people

  1. Download the ISO file, and flash it onto a USB stick Make sure that you use UEFI.
  2. Install Windows the normal way (Clean install:, Upgrade:
  3. Done.

(Note: I was not able to even start the upgrade as they throw license key errors. Let me know if you have tips around this)

The OEM-like way

OEM-like way cleans your entire SSD. Note that you will lose everything in the SSD, including, but not limited to, your personal data and the recovery partition from Eve. Normally, you don’t need this.

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! This will format the entire disk. No data will be preserved!

  1. Download the ISO file, and flash it onto a USB stick (guide: Make sure that you choose UEFI.
  2. Boot to the USB
  3. Tap “Repair your computer” on the bottom left corner
  4. Tap “Troubleshoot: Reset your PC or see advanced options”
  5. Tap “Command Prompt: Use the Command Prompt for advanced troubleshooting” to go to the command prompt
  6. Type “cd /d D:\sources” (without quotes)
  7. Type “diskpart /s part.txt” (without quotes) to repartition the SSD
  8. Type “applyimage install.wim” (without quotes) to apply the Windows image
  9. After the process completes, unplug the USB stick
  10. Reboot by typing “exit” or tapping the close button. You should enter the Out-Of-Box-Experience


20181003_013533164_iOS 20181003_013812064_iOS


Q: Which Windows Edition is this?
A: Home. I have verified that it activates using the embedded key of my Eve V. It may not activate to those of you who ordered the device with Pro.

If there is enough demand, I will provide Pro and LTSB as well, though you need to provide your own license.

Q: How did you clean it up?
A: Clean Windows 10 LTSB experience, without LTSB licensing

Q: Is Cortana and OneDrive functionality preserved?
A: Yes, they are still working just like any other Windows install.

Q: Is XBOX functionality preserved?
A: No, it is removed. If there is enough demand, I will include XBOX functionality in the next update/revision, but I assume most Eve V users don’t really play (XBOX-class) games, save for few who own an eGPU.

Q: How is the performance or battery life?
A: I haven’t tested it. From my limited test, there isn’t anything particularly negative.

Q: My camera and microphone are not accessible?
A: It comes with camera and microphone access disabled by default, for increased privacy. You just need to flip the switch in the Settings. Windows should prompt you on the first boot about it, check your Action Center (notification list).

Q: How about my privacy?
A: Increased privacy is merely the side effect of cleaning up some of the apps. For example, it comes with microphone and camera access disabled. If you are serious about your privacy, you probably would want to tweak it a little more afterwards. Or just cut off your internet.


Hi Patrick

first, thanks for your work:+1:
The OneDrive link is useable for both: Pro and Home version?

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Only Home, as far as I know. I havent tried it with Pro, admittedly.

Do you think this might fix the fingerprint reader for those of us that have the warning symbol for it in device manager?

If someone who has that problem fixes it through this, please let me know. I’m already on 1809, and it’s only my fingerprint sensor which is not working, but I’m not keen on using 2-3 hours backing up and restoring.

Edit: Also have some sleep in backpack issues and ghost touches, but I think that might be because of something hitting the power button

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I think this is more of firmware issue. What I do now, is I disabled Connected Standby, and made sure that the device is in sleep before I close the keyboard.

Let’s hope Eve fixes it at some point… Connected standby is just too good to disable.

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