Civ 6 Crashing on game load

Has anyone else had success playing civ 6? I have it crash on my Eve V every time I load up a new game.

Except for the RAM the V doesn’t have any of the minimal requirements of the game. My guess is that that’s the main problem. Maybe it works with an eGPU, but Civ is classically very heavy on the CPU.

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Beyond Earth? I haven’t had a problem with it crashing with the integrated GPU. Perhaps I’m not far enough in the game to had encountered it

Crashing doesn’t seem like being because of the hardware requirement not met. Do you have some logs ? Any errors?

Why do you think that? Lack of meeting minimum requirements seem to be a legit reason for crashing if there is no detect/failsafe build in the program.


Then it would only run poorly - a crash indicates there is something wrong with the program, OS, or hardware. Some software isn’t written terribly well and will crash on certain hardware setups (ie Intel graphics drivers weren’t considered when the game was developed), but I can’ speak to the quality of Civ’s development.

Some programs are fairly smart and will tell you that your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements and that that may cause some issues. Some programs will prevent you from running the game if you don’t meet minimum requirements, but this can become an issue once newer and better hardware is released and not recognized by the game.

I’ve seen plenty of crashes due to asking to much from the hardware. But the V doesn’t meet the requirements any whom

Can try reinstalling Intel graphics drivers and closing programs before you start the game.

I have been playing with not that much difficulties.

Thanks for the help everyone. I reinstalled the game AND my graphics drivers and it is seeming to be more stable.

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