Chris here, who's there

Well then, not sure where to start, I’m me myself and I. I live in Helsinki with my fiance and two mentally retarded cats (yes, they have invisible friends). There’s not much to say about me, I’m a tech enthusiast, a gamer and a virtual trader (virtual items over steam)…the first two things I have been since 1995 and my trading career started late 2011.
On the web I go by the name “Chride2k8” so may the power of google be with you, always :wink: …however there’s two sites where that name was already taken, TechSpot and huuto…

But yeah, if you wanna have a chat, need advice or just wanna play some games then feel free to add me on steam (if you can find me). I’ll be one with +900 games there and a semi-high steam profile level…even tho, you can of course always post here too :smiley:


Hi Chris! Welcome to the community of people alike :slightly_smiling: