Choosing best configuration for your tasks!

Hi , eve community recently I have read alot of posts about how to choose your ideal configuration , I won’t to make things repetitive but literally many people got confused ( I guess ) as there is plenty of configurations you can select from it, so can any one make post for general uses for each of the main configurations ?!
I know that the higher configuration you get the better ( safer ) you are in future , but what if I can pay for the i7-16 gb ram - 1TB SSD but I won’t really feel difference if I used the i5-8 gb ram ?? I mean best is to put money in real configuration that can help you for at least 3 years from now .
I wish any one make generally purposes and uses linked to each configuration so can easily buy best configuration based on your tasks when the flash sale opens !!

Thank you !

It depends on your tasks really.

I am using a 2012 laptop with an i5 and 8gb RAM and it’s perfect for Excel, Powerpoints, Visio, chrome, youtube, etc. I can also do the same on my 2005 desktop with P4 chip and 2gb RAM. Weigh out your finances - can you take a hit now for something with beefier specs? These units aren’t made to be user upgradable either. There are some folks here who need to compile files or render images and video, while some want to keep their entire media collection with them. Those folks may have opted for the i7 / 16gb and 1TB option. I personally went for the i5 8gb due to it being the sweet spot on price and the fact that although I wanted the highest specs, realistically, I do not encode video or even game, or code.


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I’ve got i7 version just because I was lucky to get HEB in place of somebody who lost his patience. I’m personally am an abusive user (programmer, artist and a bit gamer), so it is quite a right choice. If I wouldn’t game and do 3D stuff, I probably would be OK with i5 version.

I would have preferred an i5 version with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD - as no such configuration was available on IGG I went for the i7 (mostly for RAM).
Being a programmer in the automation industry, my default RAM usage at work is between 12 and 15 GB.


Any advice for best configuration for my tasks? :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m studying civil engineering, during my first years I will mostly use the V for note taking (Onenote), and sometimes Matlab. Later I will probably be using AutoCAD.
I was thinking i5 8GB 256GB.
Any advice is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Should be fine as AutoCAD 16 wants a p4 or athlon chip and Matlab runs on sp4 and has on older hw for years. Any others jump in if you disagree


For Harder Matlab task i often need up to 10Gb of RAM so 16Gb would be better. But if u just doing small things then u can go with 8Gb


I’m right there with you. If I need to run even one VM, I need the extra RAM.

Thank you all , but from what you have told , I see the basic configuration m3-8gb ram will be more than enough for me , as my tasks are highly restricted in the following 3 things:
Reading books from PDF reader
Writing on word and powerpoint
Browsing internet and watching youtube

will this basic configuration satisfy my needs for coming 3 years ? how ever I never use more than 50 gb of my hard drive .

To be clear , I can afford the i7 model but the fact is why should I pay double money when I will use it in baseline tasks ?
I can invest rest of the money in another better thing to complete my setup .

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Actually I would recommend the i5 model if you have money to spend. it is like future proofing without going to the extreme

I just want to draw (using GIMP - is that a heavy software?), play old games like StarCraft: Brood War and Jedi Outcast / Academy, browse the net and play flash games.

I do intend to use Steam In-Home Streaming to play games that the tablet otherwise wouldn’t be able to run, though.

I wanted the i5 version, but if the budget is constraining, will the m3 version be any good?

128GB of space… At least 30 of that will be gone by the time Windows 10 is done with it.

A half decent tablet will do this quite easily… and save you money… food for thought?

Whilst a decent large screen phone will typically cost you more! Haha

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