Check this out if you have an Xbox and use Remote Play

I will link the Microsoft community article I posted about my continued issue and Dough customer support has never got back to me. I am posting this after confirming that update 108 did not resolve my issue and hoping to see a fix for my problem.

In short, Remote Play will either 1) Not work at all, or 2) Will display a distorted image of my Xbox home screen If my monitor is powered off. The moment I power on my monitor, the image becomes normal and usable. Sad thing is, when I want to use Remote Play, I’m not home to power on my monitor!

So the only reliable workaround is to unplug my Xbox’s HDMI cable and leave it unplugged if I’m going to be away from home for a while. I do not have this issue with any other monitor in my house. I have screenshots of the issue within the link I provided. Give me your best guesses, because I feel like I’ve tried everything! Thanks for reading!

Devices Involved:
Xbox Series X (latest firmware)
Spectrum 4K Matte ES07D03 (D03.V108)

Bizarre issue you have.

On top of the coil whine issue I and other users have, I am beginning to suspect that the monitor is never really off when switched off on the power button - only if you cut the power supply.

Not sure if that is normal, but obviously other devices manages this better. In my opinion, switching off a device on the integrated power button should switch off all signals and power consumption.

Those who need the USB hub to remain active, should either have a proper feature to do so that does not involve any other output, or should leave the monitor on standby (but the screen/panel and non-USB ports should switch off fully).