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Hi Community!

My name is Dominik, I was on the lookout for the Surface Pro 4, but then all these Don’t Buy A Surface Pro… Yet started cropping up and so I switched camps.

Now I am a Voice Over artist and so much of my time is going to be in audio editing software. I’d like to know if anyone can give me some insight into how the V is going to manage this type of work.

Also, some dates on the open sales and the rough price range will be helpful too :slight_smile:


Hi @Rzabadabadoo, and welcome to!

I’m not an expert in the field of audio editing, but the V should be able to handle these tasks without issue. It may not be as fast as a high-end power-laptop or desktop at tasks like converting audio formats , but then again, those are a pain to lug around…

Sales will start after the first batches are sent out to the IndieGoGo backers, which is currently expected to happen in October. The prices… those will also be revealed at that time. Rest assured, that all models of the V will have a price that offers great value for money, and that blows the Surface Pro out of the water :wink:

You can find official updates from the team in the #eve-official:news-announcements category ([u][/u]), and [u][/u] is the topic to keep an eye on for the most up-to-date information about shipping schedules and the opening of the web shop. It’s updated whenever new information becomes available!


Hey @Rzabadabadoo

I too am an audio guy, working in Audio Post Production for TV, Film and Games. I’m very keen on getting my hands on my i5 V. Although I already have a Macbook/PC Desktop for work purposes, I will definitely try and put the V through its ropes. Most of my days are spent editing sounds with many plugins, the most intensive plugins use quite a bit of ram. I think for you as a voice over artist, it should be enough to handle it. It’s not like you’re trying to run a session with 64 tracks of sound effects with eq & plugins on every single channel.

Gurejto! Does that mean I can keep my fingers crossed for a Eve V Christmas
Holiday Special for myself? I sure hope so. If the October shipping date
will hold, I think we will have reviews in November which will help
immensely :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply and have a great day!

Yeah, I suppose It’ll be good enough, and the fanless thing really is going
to benefit my work since my studio is quite provisional. Thanks for the
info! :slight_smile:

Are you maybe in one of the first batches of clients? I’d be happy to see/
read your review of the V :slight_smile: