Charging V in car

anyone doing this? what are you using? anyone find a compatible battery bank?

You just need a battery bank that supports USB-PD. Anker has atleast one the PowerCore+ 26800mah one. Just make sure you get the USB Power Delivery version (there is a Qualcomm Quick Charge version). Although it will charge really slow in anycase.

That Anker seems to deliver 27w@9v/3a, if that’s true it should be at the same speed as the charger, capacity not withstanding

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Actually you are right, so it “should” deliver the same speed, although might not in every situation.

The market seems to be pretty thin for car chargers with USB Power Delivery.

There is one in this article - Verizon USB Type-C Car Charger with Fast Charge Technology - and they tested it with OK results:


Please note that even though many cigarette lighters are actually capable of delivering 60 - 120 watts (5A -10A fuse) or even 240 watts (20A fuse), the cigarette lighter connection is not designed for long time current delivery. Drawing high wattage causes the cigarette lighter receptacle to heat up and can potentially cause a fire in the worst case.


What about this one?

Specification looks OK… And Dell probably wouldn’t market a bad charger either and it should be compliant with USB Power Delivery.

Although I am not sure if the V supports the 20 volt charging at 3,25 amps. At least the V charger mentions only 15 volts at 3 amps as maximum. And the Dell charger only seems to support 5 or 20 volts, nothing in between.

So voltage may be a problem and therefore I don’t recommend using this with the V - unless Dell (or someone else) confirms its compatibility.

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Check out “Orico:The Fastest Portable Charger for All Devices” on Indiegogo Orico:The Fastest Portable Charger for All Devices | Indiegogo

What about this?

The Orico USB-C connection provides 5 volts at 3 amps (15 watts), which is one of the ratings mentioned also on the V charger.

V charger charging rates are 5V 3A, 9V 3A and 15V 3A and the V charger is USB Power Delivery (PD) compliant.

Orico power bank doesn’t mention USB PD as one of the protocols, but they claim that the powerbank can charge also Apple MacBook.

In principle this should also mean that the powerbank can charge the V, but in practice this may not be the case as most Windows devices require minimum of 30 watt charging power (to my knowledge).

As a side note I can tell that the couple of times that I have so far had to charge my V, the charging voltage has always been about 15 volts and amperage has been variable.

Based on that, I doubt that this powerbank can charge the V. If it can, then it’s going to be painfully slow.

I don’t know how reliable this web page is, but here’s a few recommendations for USB PD powerbanks:

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I bought this one:

I posted the accessories I use with my V, one of them is a power bank, works great!

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Someone mentioned this one in another thread.

[Power Delivery] Tronsmart Brio USB C Power Bank 20100mAh PD Portable Charger, 30W USB Type-C Input/Output External Battery for Nintendo Switch and USB Type C Macbooks etc

Whatdo you guys think? I might get this one

I lost my faith in tronsmart after their USB3/USB-C chargers where found non-compliant to the USB spec

what about the one I mentioned specifically?

can you give me a link to the specific Anker you’re talking about? just wanna get the right one


At least can you guys share your results with the battery banks you have been using so far??

I think this one from Amazon which @inffy was talking about but not sure if this is the right one. I provided the link below.

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Actually, he mentioned Anker brand but thanks anyway. Maybe everyone unsubscribed from this thread?

I use the following car charger to charge my USB C PD devices.


However, i didn’t know whether it is comply fully to USB PD protocal or not.

They used to market on Amazon but not anymore.

Maybe the same design and specs. will be ok since it might be manufactured by the same OEM.

Hope this helps :grinning:

Just buy a cheap inverter for your car. Might be easier.