Challenge: Find this monitor

Thank you all for helping to outline the high level specs and must haves of Eve Spectrum monitor!

Based on the discussion I have compiled a list of all the must haves in this topic, and I think it would be great to see if we can find a product that would match at least 80% of specs that comes at a reasonable price! If not, it means we found a gap in the market and are near to “dream specs” of our Monitor!

Spectrum’s specs:

So here’s what we are doing based on the discussion so far!

Spectrum’s price:


Here’s a challenge for you!

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Find a monitor currently on the market or coming soon that matches 80% of the above specs, and mention it’s sales price.

This will give us an idea of what we need to do to disrupt the monitor market!


I would really appreciate a 24" version. Later on.

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Acer Predator XB271HUbmiprz - 69 cm (27 Zoll), IPS, NVidia G-Sync, 165 Hz, WQHD … is next to spectrum… and 680€ in Germany…



LG 32GK650F-B

Aorus AD27QD




What’s the plans for the sizes? Usually there’s two type of people… 24" and 27"

LG 32GK650F-B … Asus i think not my sir.

@TheGunnyPT @Fr3d we will for sure consider it for the next gen but now we start with 27 first and make that size perfect!

Fair enough and I understand the reasoning behind it!

Could you clarify if you can use it for both charging and data transfer a la LG Ultrafine 5k screen from Apple/LG?

have a look at Monitore mit Diagonale ab 27", Diagonale bis 27", Auflösung: 2560x1440 (WQHD), Panel: IPS, Farbtiefe: 10bit (8bit mit FRC), Bildwiederholfrequenz ab 144Hz Preisvergleich Geizhals EU

prices range from about EUR 350 up to 550

Ouch that’s expensive for a monitor!

Most monitors I’ve seen in the states are $150-$250

Only stuff higher is ultra-high-end.

Then again, most 150-250$ monitors are not 1440p, high refresh rate, FreeSync (potentially GSync compatible) maybe HDR, and have USB-C PD.

One of the closest ones I found where these:

BenQ GW2765HE (250€) BenQ GW2765HE | Preisvergleich Geizhals EU
No HDR, No USB-C, No 165Hz

Acer Nitro VG0
No HDR, No USB-C, Just 75 Hz
FreeSync, 350cd/m², 100% sRGB

Both for 250€ ish…

I think especially the USB-C / PD is a nice argument if the monitor can go into the 300€ range. With more and more notebooks supporting PD it’s basically one cable to connect your notebook to your monitor.
Other note: A switch between DCI-P3 and sRGB in the Monitor itself would be nice for graphic designers as Windows can’t properly handle a switch between those 2.


These are all similar monitors I could find in canada (in the attached picture).


Thanks for your inputs folks! Keep them coming. This really helps us get the ends. We ve just officially kicked off the development with our screen supplier and will have more updates on additional tweaks and features we can add! We will also make sure to answer your questions!

@Nicholas_Wilkie super helpful first post sir!
@TheGunnyPT both will be implemented. As for the thunderbolt we are evaluating extra costs added for having thunderbolt ports. Keep you posted
@iKirinin interesting ones!
@saltcafe that Acer looks like quite good value but seems to come without gsynch comparability certification

They support FreeSync

Absolutely true! But I think people spending 350USD + on a monitor could have Nvidia graphics cards too and therefore Freesynch wouldn’t cut it for them and they would need to have Gsynch or Gsynch compatible certification!

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I’m not sure if this is possible, but why don’t you guys do something innovative and support both the AMD and NVIDIA camps? Now that would be a feature that would make your product stand out, and you did talk earlier about “making the firmware for the monitor” available … switch out one firmware for another and be able to support both camps!!!

I hate paying the Intel tax and the Nvidia tax and getting inferior product for more money. AMD has a very compelling product portfolio at the moment and it’s reflected in their share price.

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nvidia cards can use free sync as well now

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We are aiming for Gsynch certified Freesynch monitor. So both would be supported!

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G-sync requires dedicated hardware.
Nvidia now also support all freesync monitors, some are “Gsync certified”, which are those they tested themselves and meet specific requirements. There is also G-sync 2.0, which again requires certain hardware to run. You can think of this as a dedicated CPU for just syncing, while freesync just uses software to control it.

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I would be happy to create a similar breakdown for different countries if that would be useful?