CES 2019, Eve missing?

Could not find EVE at CES this year…did I miss them?

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Why would they be there with so much problems going on? It’s not like they have 100 peoples working with different departments.
They need to fix the problems then maybe do some marketing and publicity.


Side question: what did you like? Anything new that could be added to V2?

Maybe the device to show on the fair was delayed? :thinking:

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I guess I would even be more annoyed if they have a v2 ready while they haven’t delivered even the v1.
Okay some shortnotes would be okay but without anything delivered since more then one year I would be verry angry.

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Showing 2016 technology which has still not been shipped to people who bought in 2017 would not have gone down particularly well in CES 2019. They’re sensible to keep out of the limelight until they have sorted themselves out.


I’d have travelled to meet them if I knew they were going to be at CES

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Maybe in a year or two with a more robust infrastructure and a better track record.

I’d have travelled to meet you if I knew you were going to be at CES to meet them,