[CES 2018] BEST buddy for V? TB3 Dock w/ GTX1050

This product is exactly what I craved for. I want to hear you guys’ opinion if it works with V.

Also we need CES 2018 thread… does it already exist?:thinking:


I like the small form factor and the low weight. But what argue against for me buying one is that you maybe can’t put another gpu in it if you should need sometime more power.

You actually can upgrade the GPU. The GTX 1050 is an MXM card so you could potentially buy a card in the next generation that shares the same TDP specs as the GTX 1050.

The only problem with MXM is that we don’t know if they’ll continue using this form factor in the near future. They’ve been saying for the last 3 years that they would drop it for something more convenient.

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Nice product. Would like to have Donald Dock like that. I knew that it is possible to provide a middle weight device with eGPU abilities… The only thing I’m missing is a second TB3 port…


More details:

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Seems to compatible with only 720S?

Pretty old tech tho, 6th gen processors. Great keyboard tho! Always been a fan of the red nipple :slight_smile:

I will get this for my V as soon as it comes out, it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for.