Case with back handle

Hi everyone,
I hope I’ll be understandable enough…
I continue to enjoy my V, and I’ll use even more in the next weeks as I’ll have to travel and carry my V everywhere, everytime. I’ll make a review after this trip :slight_smile:

I will need to move a lot with my V, and I will need to hold it in my hands, so I want to find a case with a handle on the back, somethink like those ones

Much of products like that are designed for surface, or are generic. I was wondering if someone here use something like that, or if you think a surface designed one would fit on the V?

Maybe something to add on the accessory shop (when it will open), or on the community designed accessories.



A non-covered back of the V is necessary for heat dissipation. if you don’t run heavy programs on the go (as me) you can cut a Incipio rugged case for the SP3 to attach a handle to the V… but it looks not nice… (I did it…) and none of the ports are fitting…

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