Capitalizing on Black Friday market!

Hi guys :wave::grinning: i’m sure most of you know that Black Friday is in about 2 weeks time and there is going to be a lot of people in the market for a good deal on computers. I just thought wouldn’t it be great if Eve had it’s webstore open just in time for those who are on the look out for new computers on that day (or before) so they can compare it with the competition.

Most people will make their decision based on the monetary cost of their purchase and by knowing the price of the Eve V, it’ll make it easier for them to compare it with other computers. What do you guys think? I’m sure the V will sway a lot of potential buyers if they know about it’s specs and especially if pricing is still comparable to it’s nearest competition. Just food for thought (or maybe you know…take action :wink:)


I like your strategy! Make a goal post!

That’s a really good idea! Having some kind of Black Friday webstore initiative will likely help Eve claim more market share. It really is the best 2-in-1 on the market, especially when considering its price point. The rest of the world needs to learn about the V.

Also… a Black Friday initiative will make non-IGG people who are already certain they will purchase a V on the webstore (like me :wink: ) feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing for sure that the V will be available for public purchase in the next couple weeks.

I think that Black Friday would be a perfect day in (very) close-future to open the webstore (as it may draw some extra attention for V), and let V into the global market. Let’s hope that Eve can do it.

Don’t get me wrong, but I doubt that this year for Black Friday you’ll see any sort of special offer from Eve. The webstore might (or might not) be open, but the offer will be the standard price that Eve asks for. It’s their benefit to have the monopoly on the price of their product, but also you would completely jeopardize the market if the first you do when start the sale would be to provide a reduced offer … people will afterwards wait for the next offer so the market might actually turn out worse than when the V is sold for standard sales price.


Yes, I definitely agree with you. I should have been more clear in my comment. I didn’t mean that Eve would lower prices for Black Friday, but that they could launch a fairly aggressive marketing campaign in conjunction with Black Friday, seeing as how many people around the world will be shopping. I think we’re all fairly certain that the V’s price point will already be extremely competitive with other 2-in-1s on the market; I only meant that Eve could potentially take advantage of the increased number of shoppers given Black Friday’s popularity.

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I don’t think they can beat the competitors’ pricing on black friday… Others have too many discounts, so they can become cheaper…

they could also make a bundle of Eve V and a free bag as goody

Yes, just to clarify i’m not asking Eve discount the pricing of the V. I’m just saying there’s a lot of buyers out there waiting for this day to make a purchase and i think alot of people are going to be on the fence about waiting for the V when they don’t know what the price is yet. But if Eve opens up the webstore before or on black friday at least people can make a better purchase decision.

I believe the Eve V will still be very competitive in the market even with the competitions having black friday discounts because let’s face it, there just isn’t any at the moment that is like for like in terms of specs with V! :grin::muscle: