Can't update T1 to Windows 10

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying to update my lovely T1 to Windows 10 at least 7-10 times during past months.

I am getting this error: 80070002. Yes, I have tried sever solutions proposed online.

Some facts:

  1. Tried the usual automatic update to Win10. It downloads the update and gives error during install
  2. Tried to clean up files, does not help
  3. I do have enough space, according to the installation requirements
  4. I tried to download installer separately and run it. It still gives error during installation

I feel the only way to update is to install from USB and completely wipe out previous installation (do clean install). If I try this, will I still have valid Windows 10 license?

Is it possible to get into BIOS without attached keyboard?

Any help is appreciated. Really want to install Windows 10 while it is free.


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I had the same problem with my Acer tablet. Turns out you need way more free space than they’re telling you… I think the real requirement is above 20GB (free!) storage for 64bit upgrade. Maybe about 10GB for 32bit. If you can’t get enough storage (that happens, Windows likes to bloat up the hard drive), you can always do a regular install from ISO file. First off, try downloading the ISO and just mounting it with Windows Explorer, and launching setup from there. This will work, but be sure to save that ISO file in an SD card or a flash drive to get the most possible free storage space. If it gives you the same error, you will have to do a clean install, I’m afraid. Back up your apps and documents, “burn” that ISO to a flash drive and boot from that drive to follow the traditional install steps.

P.S. latest version of Windows 10 is able to activate using a Windows 8 key, so after a clean install it should get that from the BIOS and activate yourself. Sometimes it bugs up and you need to extract that key and activate by phone, but that happens rarely :slight_smile:

First of all, it is not possible to get into BIOS without a keyboard attached. The touch screen drivers load up with the OS. You’d need a usb hub, a usb otg cable etc.

Second, not sure how the whole license is applied if you do a clean install without first doing an in-place upgrade, I’ll take @pauliunas word for it.

My suggestions involve re-downloading the whole W10 update

Have you tried the whole:
Disable Windows Update service
Delete C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
Enable Windows Update service
Launch administrative Command Prompt > wuauctl /updatenow

If that doesn’t work, you should backup your files etc and try to do a system reset in windows 8.1, then immediately try to do the upgrade. You would have the biggest chances of success then.

My T1 upgraded to W10 just fine, but I loved resetting it everytime it looked at me funny :wink:

BTW you should have an OTG cable and a keyboard just in case, I had to install touch screen drivers after the Windows 10 installation (instructions @ )

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Hey guys,

Interesting. I suspected that space might be a problem. I have around 7.7 GB free right now and have no idea where to get another 2.3 =) I disabled hibernation now (+1.x GB) and doing another round of C cleanup, including system files. Hope to get at least 10 GB free and try again.
I think I tried to install from ISO before and it was on a USB drive. Did not work =(

Will try the system reset if freeing up more space does not help.

If all fails, will do clean install =)

Will post here about the progress.

Hi @barmanez!

If you want to look where some large files might have hidden I recommend trying out [WinDirStat Portable] (WinDirStat Portable (disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool) | to just check your HDD and where large files are hiding :wink:


Nice tip, I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:

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lots of options for you,

  1. Uninstall any large programs, especially if you don’t need them
  2. Delete all restore points and disable system restore (usually 10% of disk space, at least 3 GB)
  3. Use elevated “DISM /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase” to clean up the SXS folder (Makes LOTS of room on systems that have been in use for some time) (Often 1-6 Gb on well used system)
    4)Use “disk cleanup” utility to rid system of unused wasted files (often 1-3 Gb on systems that are well used)
    5)as said already, disable hibernation, set option to view hidden files and delete hiberfil.sys in root of C: drive
    and got to system options and disable virtual memory (will have to reboot to delete swap file) each 2 Gb, 4 Gb total saving
    all these things together should almost create 10GB on a well used system.
    Oh yes, also since you have already tried to install windows 10 and failed there may be a couple $Windows.~** folders in root of C drive and possibly a Windows.old folder. Windows setup might not take into consideration the space these folders take when checking disk space prior to attempting to do the upgrade and can fail because of this. You will have to take ownership of Windows.old folder and everything in it to delete it if it exists.
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If you do a clean install you will have a valid Windows license, the one that came with your T1. But before you do the clean install be sure to

  • Copy to another drive/cloud everything you want to keep
  • Find the product key (it’ll probably ask you for a license once you go through the setup while doing a clean install (suggest you to save the iso file on a bootable external drive)

Thanks a lot guys!

I have 10+ GB of free space now, will try updating tomorrow =)


Anyway I would advise you to do a clean install because (happened to me) some files currupted and made the system slow and with all sorts of problems. Dis a clean install and it’s working perfectly :smiley:


Let us know how it went mate!


Alright, Win 10 installed!

Tried to install from USB with 10+ GB free - still failed.
So I did Win 8 clean refresh and after that installed Win 10 from USB - worked just fine. Had to manually download and install touch screen drivers from EVE website.

Thanks everyone for the tips! :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear! And also, welcome to the community. I’m sure you’ll find many more interesting topics here apart from the help you received for your T1 :slight_smile:

We’re flying to China in a few hours and will be covering the trip here.


Thank you, Mike!
Yes, I am checking out what’s going on with the PF from time to time =) Looking forward to more news!


Nice to see that the community solved the problem.


The community always solves problems :slight_smile: