Can't look for specific files using the search option

Hello There!
I am having this general and common issue on windows 10. I generally use Cortana for the purpose and also because it is easy but sometimes I prefer using the Search option. It was yesterday when I was opening some random file using the search option. It didn’t work out. I didn’t take it seriously and opened the file directly from its location. But it was today when I faced the same issue. What is the solution for this and why is it even happening? I used troubleshooter and also killed cortana from my task bar but nothing helped. Please help me out in getting a solution. Thanks.

I actually don´t get your problem :/. Are you searching for some file, but Windows search doesn not find the file?

If the problem is Cortana isn’t finding the right file… there isn’t really any way to fix that, Cortana just isn’t good. I wish Microsoft would get a proper indexing and searching algorithm, but what’s currently in Windows 10 is awful.

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Might be an issue with superfetch? Something to do with the indexing?

It happened to me once, I use win+S a lot and this one time it just kept going to bing stuff.

Sorry I’m not more help, I don’t know what superfetch is exactly. A restart fixed it for me though.

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Try an alternative search application.

try this …