Can't get past boot logo after update?

Hi guys,

Just updated my monitor to 107
Got the device updating success message so I’ve power cycled. Got the processing update image. All good until then. It seemed to hang for an about 25 mins. I then came here to look for support and saw a post saying after about 15 mins you can power cycle as it sometimes hangs on the message for a while. I now can’t get pass the traingle boot logo. Is there anything I can do to resolve


Hey there,

During the update process, the LED light goes through several colours. What colour is it in when you have it on? The LED needed to stop at purple/magenta, which indicate that the update is finished.

If you have done power cycling already (after getting stuck at the boot logo), I would recommend flashing a different firmware package to “refresh” the monitor’s state, then try flashing 107 again.

Thanks for the reply. I actually ended up following another post onsaw and unplugged everything. All display, usb and power cables and leaving it over night. This morning when I plugged it all in it processed the update and I’m happily on 107!

It’s great that the update worked correctly after leaving the power off for a long period.

It sounds like the first update attempt ran into an error and failed. It happens sometimes for unknown reasons. If it does this again and you’ve got a second screen you can use (e.g. a TV with HDMI input), it should be possible to downgrade the firmware to an older version. This should get you going again, at which point you can try reinstalling the firmware version you want.