Can't bypass Office 365 Trial on startup

i got my Eve V last summer and i’m passing it on to a friend’s college kid-in-need. I reset it, and she’s trying to boot it up. She’s at the page to start the free Office 365 Trial, and the NO is grayed out. it’s impossible to bypass this, forcing you to buy it. Is there a way to bypass this without having to buy it, install it, then cancel it and uninstall it?

Is this during the windows installation or when the user is logged into windows? I don’t have a fresh install ready at the moment but I can think of a couple of reasons why it might be grayed out.

Uninstalling office from the settings or configuration panel might fix the issue as well.


Same issue here. Bought a secondhand EVE that was just factory reset. Went through setup with cortana, select keyboard and location, etc… Stuck on a blue screen. Doesnt seem to be trying to install office. Regular mouse pointer. No keys are active. The no option was greyed out for the trial of office 365. so i went ahead and “bought” a trial of office. After clicking next just froze. mouse moves, i can click on ease of access and the volume and suck but no other keys or key combos work. no crtl+alt+del or anything. Please help!

How would i access the settings or config panel if i cant get into windows at all? Anything that can be done in bios? Is there a way to create a USB install and change the boot order and force a new installation?

Im in the process of solving my issue… well a workaround at least…
I turned on Airplane mode (F11) and did setup again with a different username.
I skipped the fingerprint and all other options and it loaded into windows fine.
Now Im going to try to delete the account i just made and finishing setting up the one i wanted in the first place. Hope this helps.

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