Can you replace your notebooks with Eve V?

Im a high-school student and since one year now, more and more school friends of mine switch from paper and pen to surface / tablet and it really seems to have a lot more advantages.
I really like the idea of this project and the result is (according to many online reviews) surprisingly well working (and it looks awesome! ;)).

BUT: how well performing is the pen? I did not manage to find good reviews about the performance of the pen…

The only comparison I really know is the Apple-pencil since the most students use the IPad pro 12.9.
And are there any good note taking apps for windows 10? I looked it up an found an app called “Nebo” (which is similar to the app “goodnotes” for ios)
thank you in advance,

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There are some older videos of ikirin using the pen. Note that members of the team are using sample V’s in their work so that’s a good thing!

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I think OneNote should do it’s job well.
I never used it with a pen, only with keyboard.
But there were some prototype users who wrote it works well.


You always can, but tbh you don’t need to. I suggest you just write with pen and paper. That said, the v will work fine, better for diagrams, but writing big paragraphs and essays are better suited for paper

As someone who works in a University to find technology for individual students I’d first say that honestly, so long as a device has palm rejection/active pen technology, it’s fine for note-taking. The software choice is often the bigger question, and whether the tablet is meant as a supplement to a another computer, or is itself the primary computer. the iPad Pro and Galaxy tablets are frankly not even remotely in a place I can recommend them for use as your primary machine, but are quite serviceable as a supplement (though then you have to deal with having multiple devices and your files potentially being spread out. And I dislike the pricing on the iPad Pro).

Personally, I just finished my Computer Science degree and did almost all of my non-coding heavy work on a Surface 3 (though I’ve spent time using almost every other major competitor device on the market), and I can honestly say that for notetaking most of the statistics about digitizer pens are more or less irrelevant. The levels of pressure really are not noticeable, tilt has minimal effect, and so long as the latency isn’t massive (which it isn’t on every piece of semi-modern hardware I’ve used) you’ll be fine.

I’d also highly recommend just using the Windows 10 version of Onenote over Nebo, Evernote, or any of the other software out there for pen/notetaking right now. Onenote has all the ink-to-text functionality of things like Nebo (barring some of the gestures, which in my use ultimately were nothing but an annoyance) plus the capability to convert ink to math notation and even solve equations in a fair number of cases. Then on top of that, it is very solid for just typing in notes and importing images as well.

TL;DR - The V will perform far better than the Surface which got me my degree, use Onenote no matter what you buy.


I think so, but you should have a note-taking program which is supporting the use of Windows Ink (just to get all benefit out from that pen). For example, One Note. :relaxed:

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I think Eve V should be pretty decent for you. I’m using right now Surface pro 4 and from note taking perspective - it is awesome.

You actually have lot’s of annotating tools for almost all formats (doc, xls, ppt - in Office).
For PDF annotation → you can use Drawboard PDF or even Edge Browser is pretty ok.
You can make awesome notes (both onenote for large canvas or nebo for quick ink to text transformation → personally I found Onenote more suitable as you can make quick mindmaps).
Also it is just awesome on presentations (you can use pen as clicker) and it is also cool to annotate when present.

The only thing I miss is good annotation and reading tool for Epubs (which you might need in University).

Comparing to IPad, it seems like apple has more apps with pencil functions but you miss full size apps like on Surface or V. I also find it convenient to have everything in one place:)

Netbook, yes
Notebook, ish
Laptop, no

You asked about “NEBO” : I have NEBO, at my SP3, too but since I’m used to DRAWBOARD PDF I don’t use NEBO any more. AFAIK the app DRAWBOARD PDF is pre-installed in windows 10. I’m using this app for more than two years now with my SP3 and its great. Lots of improvements were done and I replace Adobe Reader completely with that app. I’d never used apple pencil, but since MS is the “inventor” of tablet pen use they should be comparable in performance…

Can you tell me the difference between Notebook and Laptop?
Looking for Laptop in the German Wikipedia links me directly to Notebook.
Looking for Notebook in the English Wikipedia tells me to open Laptop if I’m looking for a “notebook computer” where I can read:

The terms laptop and notebook are used interchangeably to describe a portable computer in English, although in some parts of the world one or the other may be preferred.