Can Windows 10 Enterprise be loaded?

Is it possible to re-image the EVE V with Windows 10 Enterprise due to corp security requirements at my place of work?

You can put any editions of Windows 10 on your computer. Features that requires special hardware won’t work though.

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Also be aware that it will probably prevent the screen calibration profile from working correctly, as I believe it’s tied to your installation of Windows. The team has said upgrading to Windows 10 Pro would not cause a problem, but I don’t think you can upgrade the same way to Enterprise. I think you’d have to install a fresh copy which would probably screw up the calibration.

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Wait… I though you just have to have the calibration file and the Calman software. Shouldn’t you able to just backup the file, format your V, install any Windows, get the Calman software and copy backup calibration file?

I have updated my Windows to pro and calibration works

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I thought it was tied to some of the “hidden” numbers which denote windows installs, which is not exactly the same as your license key, as that would (probably) differ when you upgraded to Pro.

That being said, Pro can join a domain. I don’t think you’d NEED enterprise, just let your domain “rule” your computer. That’s no different than if you let them put Enterprise on it. That should be the same to IT as having Enterprise on it.

And if it isn’t, your IT department has some SCREWED UP rules. I acknowledge that some do, and sympathize. I’ve been there.

Ok, so hypothetically it wouldn’t work on lets say linux (if it had Calman)? If you format your drive and install with the same Win10 serial as you got with the V, would it work then? I’m just trying to get the picture what will happen if I try to install some other OS and install Win10 back and/or screw something up (as I might, not a poweruser).