Can we update Latest Intel Driver?

@iKirin, My V is i7 with Intel Driver Version


I downloaded the driver available on the 1st link (yet to install)…please confirm???


Or guide to proper Driver page?

Reason: I am witnessing an issue while playing youtube video on Vivaldi/chrome browser, it randomly freezes the playing video, and it keeps showing the video buffering icon circling around, and it never stops, until I refresh the page, and it again starts from the beginning. before writing to you, I tried the hardware acceleration and changing to the chrome setting - “plugin_message_response_timeout” : 25000" in LocalSate file of Vivaldi, but it still causes it, and in one forum I noticed that they mentioned its a known issue with intel driver, so want to know if this can solve the issue.

Hiya @razaknk!

We’ve not officially tested the driver so Eve can not promise you that a newer driver will work fine on the V. I’m right now testing the same version and it works for me fine - fixing the mentioned issue & you can install it yourself, but if it does not work fine we can’t officially support it :confused:


Thanks for the quick reply @iKirin, understand “DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK” :slight_smile:

for the time being, which is the driver version that is stable to use for now (Officially supported?), that I can upgrade and see its performance (Intel Graphic?)?

Also, its long time now, when is the next set of all (touch, graphic, pen, BIOS, etc.) the drivers going to be officially released. ???

There is some description of the driver road ahead in the “13.04 Livestream summary”, but you may have read this already.

Basically the current versions are all up on the support-page for now here. As for further versions we’re waiting for some of it to be finished before we can test it & push it out, and for others (read: Touch 1.2) we are working with the supplier to see what they need to improve things.
I’d honestly love to give a 1.1 version of every driver but they are simply not ready yet :frowning:

As for Intel Graphics Update we’re looking for a version that seems to have the least bugs (as with every big software there are bound to be some bugs somewhere) and test it before pushing it out :slight_smile:

Had the same problem with Firefox.
The updated driver fixed it.

So far, so good. Eve should push it.

I made 2 step updatea,

  1. 1st the Intel Graphic Driver update from Intel site, that did not break anything and then let it observe for few days, and it did resolve it for few youtube videos, but still there is some video which randomly shows the stuck resuming video.
  2. 2nd , last week i did install the driver from EVE, and observed it too for last 2-3 days, i did see few video still doing the same, but too early to say 100% fixed. Hopefully, we will see how it behalf for this week.

New driver is just released

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