Can we keep the Level of Frustration below 9000?

As we all know there is a huge Level of Frustration and Negativity lately in this Forum due to the Delays. And altough I partly feel the same way and i can understand alot of forum members feelings (Im a HEB) I cannot tolerate the behavior of some of them in any way. I mainly feel that the respect is missing and how people deal with each other is not appropiate.

I dont wanna blame anyone but if there is a new community member introducing himself who is excited and intressted in this product and the thread is talking about speculations that he wont get one until Dec. or about selling HEB places I find this alarming (not to mention the attitude of some people in the notification threads).

When I joined the community one of the things id loved was how creative and productive this forum is. I instantly felt an excitement and I wanted to be part of it. I hope we can get back to that Level again.

Im not saying that we are not allowed to express critic or feelings but please be constructive about it. Come up with solutions! Make suggsetions how to fix problems, and use this creative force we have for the good. In the end we all want the same thing. Why not work together again since this product is MADE BY US?

There is so much stuff we could do… we could make a list of open question which might be answerd in Updates by Konsta, we could use our time to help the team (there was an idea about designing tshirts in the past and i want one ! :smile: ) and there are probably alot more ideas what we can do to support Eve and help them get the product ready instead of blaming them for bad business choices, wrong informations etc.

I just wanted to get my feelings out there and Im hoping there are people feeling the same way. Lets stay positiv like konsta said:


The levels have been exceeding 9000 for quite some time and have come down again with the post you linked. It seems a bit tho that updates from eve only come after 9000 is well exceeded and half of the community is running around confused or gave in and is mumbling pessimistic expectations.


But there is only one way to go! Over 9000!!!

I appreciate how well you expressed this. I feel the same way, even though sometimes I feel it to be tough to stay patient myself… the community is about the people and their positive spirit to change the rules in this game. That’s what I like and cherish and that’s the bond that’ll make me stay even after the V is delivered (other than certain product research forums etc.).

I hope we’ll manage to cover the remaining time until delivery well (mannered), and I’m certain that the positivity will increase latest after once the next product is envisioned.


Thanks for the thread! We totally agree here. As soon as we ship (which is soon!) We will get community back to what it used to be. Great place for tech enthusiasts and folks alike to hang out and discuss future products!

We have little to go comparing to the whole project length. So let’s make that last 5% of positive at least for all of the new members who join!

Sometimes we can’t choose what happens to us but we can always choose the attitude! Winners are not people who never fail but people who never give up :slight_smile:

So it would be amazing for community to share this spirit!


Wait. People are selling their IndieGoGo bidder places? Why I know nothing about it?

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The issue is that it’s not so many people doing it. Even if it’s few members they create an impression of the whole bunch of backers willing to sell even if this is not the case!

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I’m saying that because I’d buy their place without even thinking. Especially the Y7 one.

I’m frustrate but I’m still patient for this kind of amazing device, patient is our ally in order to don’t have negative thought in place positive thought and encouragement for the EVE team who never give up on us. When we will receive our V all negative thought will disappear in the community and replace with joy and happiness. :slight_smile:


A wise community member (me off course :scream:) stated somewhere (the following statement is slightly adapted):
With >9000 level of frustration or <9000 level of frustration the arrival time will not change.
Everyone is totally free to choose what you want :hugs:


Just for cosmetics: You can edit posts with the little pencil symbol and could still correct the original post (deleting the second one) to keep the thread more clean.

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Uh, ohh… I’m all in to relieve those who can’t be bother waiting anymore. So if someone really wants to give up, I’ll gladly buy them out. The maxed out version of course. So, bring it on :wink:

Also, what I can see Eve was not really delayed much… Or none of these people bought in on Mass Fidelitys Core speakers. Now that was the wait…

Very enthusiastic people don’t want to wait —> suffering —> heated discussions :hushed:

OK, I have an easy suggestion to lower the frustration levels:

Get us better informed about what is in progress and how close we are to receiving our fabulous product.
A short note would do.

When I joined, I was well aware, that it would take far, far longer until I get my EVE.
(I joined and payed in Dec. 2016). By then delivery was planned for May (2017).

A close friend of mine has high-tech products that he develops here, fabricated in china.
I know about the perks and drawbacks.

To make it clear:
I have absolutely no problem with the delay – as I wrote – I expected it.
I have no problem, if it even takes longer that until October – this is the active delivery date I know about.
I am still a fan of the project and can’t wait to have my EVE here.


In the beginning I received lots of nice videos, reports etcetera, but they and more and more information about the progress, our “baby” makes got fewer and fewer.

I loved the videos, but I do not really need them.

What I would need to lower my frustration is information.
It may well be short.
It may well be basic.
But no – or almost no information just sucks.

Still do get accomplished:

  • … this
  • … that
  • … and this

Latest accomplished:

  • … screen

Estimated delivery: month or quarter / year

Would be easy to do and people would not have to have phantasies about what is really happening…

Karl from Austria


:heavy_check_mark: What we’ve done so far
:heavy_check_mark: What we’re up to now
:heavy_check_mark: What we plan to do next
:heavy_check_mark: When we expect to deliver

I think what you’re looking for is this post:


Eve is the company, V is the product.

Great - thank you!
May I suggest something else?

I am - like I guess a lot of other V enthusiasts - a hard working person, so I spend very few time here, far less than I would like to.

Today I did read the [Eve Community] Summary I received yesterday.
This is why I came upon the frustration topic.

So if there is a new entry on the post that you mentioned, would it be a big effort to send us a short note like the summary?
I think people would love it.

(And I think so, because I have some knoledge in PR)

No, not enough I think they should phone us personally every hour to tell us what’s going on. After all they have nothing better to do.


Just keep checking the official project status thread

As I don’t have access to the mailing list or buyers database, all I can do for you is keep that topic up-to-date. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve on our communications. I’ll bring it up at the next team meeting and see if I can work with whomever is in charge of the mails to streamline the flow of information outside of the forums. Thanks for your input!