Can we have this in the next Tx ? :-)

Could be great to have a portable media center :smile:

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Hmm you’re dead serious?

Personally I would not like to store that much data on a single component. I would be afraid of the ssd getting broken and me losing terabytes of the good stuff :blush:

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You want a super mega flaship, no ?
With that ssd, you are sure you will be the only one to offer this :joy:
(and you are also sure you won’t sell it to a lot of people :wink: )

Don’t you make backups of your data ?
When you have laptop, tablets it is almost an obligation to do a backup (not only because i can break but also it can be stolen, lost etc…)


Well, it’s surprising how they put so much storage in a single 2.5" drive :slight_smile: even at this price :wink:

yeah that’s for sure. SSDs are evolving really fast now