Can someone convince me to not return the V and buy the yoga 920

I’m really at the end of my ability to wait, my current laptop was at its deathbed 2 years ago but I was convinced to keep it alive and hold out for the V which I really did believe in. I love what Eve has done, I think their design choices will ripple through the upcoming hardware for the next few years. I think if they can solve their project management issues they have a shot at becoming something really special. So I’m no naysayer, I would say I’m actually on the cusp of being a fanboy, but I have to stay logical in my choices.

I was always one of the backers that wanted it to be slightly more “laptopy” I loved the idea of the folio case and I was truly saddened when the idea went cold. I work in science and while I spend most of my day on my feet I only need to drag my Asus i7 a55a with me to instruments about 20% of the time so mobility isn’t the primary attribute I seek. What I really love about the V is the selection of ports, I have to interface with lots of weird devices on a daily basis, this includes external 3 1/4 inch drives and other legacy ports on non standard equipment, so having the best of both worlds on the V was a huge selling point for me and honestly one of the main reasons I am still on the fence otherwise I would have sold my slot and picked up the yoga 920 when it was released.

I don’t actually care about having the newest tech, this crummy laptop I’m on now is actually still pretty good as far as I care (I did upgrade to an SSD and more ram though), it’s just that its like lugging around a granite slate every time I have to travel for work. I don’t need the fastest cpu for 8K video encoding so I don’t mind at all that the V isn’t quite up to the spec of the 8th gen, 98% of the time I’m pretty sure I will use the device with headphones so lackluster speakers aren’t an issue and I doubt I will use the pen.

I know the V now has an amazing screen but I’m the sort of luddite who is still happy on 1080p for my work machine. At home I have a decked out gaming desktop with all the fancy bits so I only need a work focused utensil. My personal priorities are functionality>longevity>portability>glamour, in that order. Seeing as I bought the i7 512 V, if I returned it or sold it onward I could easily buy a yoga now and get the money for the V back later. I know based on how I have described my needs even the yoga seems like an extreme purchase, I could probably get a think pad to do the same job but I’m typing this on a laptop from 2012 so I know whatever I buy I will probably be using it for a really long time and having something nice is worth it in the long run.

What I’m asking for is reasons not to switch to the yoga. Is someone using one and thinks it is lackluster? is the keyboard a bit janky? is there something you regret about it? I have read the specs and reviews and it all seems pretty much ok to me. I believe in EVE and I want the V but its just getting harder and harder to justify the shortcomings/$/performance of the V vs the yoga for just my personal position given that I’m not prioritizing the form factor, the pen or the need for an amazing screen. I feel part of it is delay fatigue, if they had said march 2018 mid last year instead of dec 2017 it probably wouldn’t be as bad but as it is I still have no shipping info.

I’m not here to complain, I’m here to ask for help making a choice, I think I would be happy with the V but I would be pretty disappointed if it wasn’t perfect out of the box after all this time. I also don’t want to hold EVE to higher standards than other companies and not expect the same unit to unit issues with devices like the yoga.

I don’t know, I’m going all over the place here and this turned into a huge rant, I’ll stop now. suggestions please.

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Honestly, I can’t think of a practical reason why beyond the fanboy reasons. It doesn’t sound like you need any of the features that the Eve V offers (pen input, 2 in 1 modes, etc) and any other laptop would be fine.

Since functionality and longevity are the main priorities, a ThinkPad T series might be more suitable. Very serviceable (pending on the model) and batteries can be easily swapped when they stop holding charge.

For me, portability was one the main factors which the Eve V hadn’t quite hit and would have gotten an LG Gram 2018, Apple Macbook or Dell XPS 13 in hindsight if I had to pay full price for the Eve V.


Thanks for your reply yaustarr. One thing I’m worried about is that I’m missing just how important portability is. I have never owned something that didn’t make my shoulders sore carrying it through airports so I just don’t know if it’s worth more credit than I’m giving it. I know that I don’t know. While I only go to one or two conferences a year and maybe fly for family 2-3 times a year I have been able to deal with the monolithic slab I call my laptop. Will the 2 in 1 form factor change my life enough? or will the difference between a yoga or thinkpad and the V still be such an improvement over my current unit to be much of a muchness.

I would like to think that I would use the 2 in 1 nature of the V if I had it, but I have had to move house every 6 months for nearly the last 2 years because of work and I don’t even own a couch on which to sloth around casually using a tablet because I will likely have to move again soon and screw having to keep buying new furniture or move what I own to another dam continent again (but that’s a whole other issue).

I really want to hear what others have to say, perhaps i need to weigh up just how much I like the V rather than need its features.

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I would wait and test drive the V once it shows up… if yours is in transit now. Nothing helps a decision better than hands on experience. If you are a flash sale buyer then I think you need to realistic with youself about whether you can wait or not. I can relate to your questions about whether the V will be right for you. I’ve never had a 2in1 before so I’m really curious to see how it works for me(pretty sure it will be great tho). Regarding the folio case…there’s a thread floating around about a keyboard from Bridge that might solve the lapabilty concern. I wanted the folio case too so I’ll probably get one.

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Get something light and easy to carry, just give it a try. It makes a world of difference.

Also everything @Smyler316 said.

tl:dr make the purchase if it fits with your situation

I think I understand where you’re coming from tho.
I was the type of person who would carry around a 15in laptop because that’s what I had and what I wanted, and I didn’t know anything else.
Then… (in like 2005 or whatever) I got a Toshiba R835 when it came out. It’s a 13in unit made out of magnesium and still surprisingly light considering its size and thickness. For me, it was an “aha!” moment that ease of use and portability were even things. Since then I’ve chosen power and packaging/weight, to include my latest purchase, an i7/512 V.

I completely empathize with the seemingly never-ending waits that come with ordering a V. I waited 13 months for mine, and most recent flash sale orders will have waited 4 months or more. In the end, I personally wanted the V not only for its features/power/ports/etc but the idea too. Something like that ‘fanboy’ you mentioned.
So I can’t really recommend it or not recommend it, not just to you but to anyone. I will easily go fanboy on someone about the V - my g/f has certainly heard enough… but actually recommending it, I hold off because that’s a personal decision. I will say, though; make the purchase if it fits with your situation - nothing more or less. By situation, I mean financial, time, personal preference, technical preference… everything. See if there’s someone in your area who has one so you can touch+feel it, if that might help.


I would like to own a yoga 720 :slight_smile:
I have the Yoga 700 11.6" which was for a limited time only available at BestBuy (even not at Lenovo, neither ever at Amazon!). I love it, the only downside is, it does NOT have pressure sensitive screen (I THINK the 720 does have it!
What screen size does it have?)

I have to say this Lenovo 700 11.6" where I type this message right now, is my … typing Laptop :rofl: , it is my portable Internet etc.
The SP4 and V (hopefully) is/will be my painting tablet.
That is why I do not require / demand too much from the V’s keyboard. I think I rarely will even use it, other than for combination keys like to select , copy paste etc…

I Have to say, I would not like a separable keyboard for typing, it feels awkward having the kickstand & keyboard on my lap… I even did some cruel surgery :relaxed: on the BT keyboard which I bought for the SP4 (I did intentionally NOT get the MS keyboard), I cut the pins + top line of so that I only have the keyboard :smiley: (so I cannot pin it anymore onto the Surface, which I have never done anyway).

So, bottom line. If you think you rather use the keyboard than the pen with the new device, I would refrain from a V, :neutral_face: honestly… Just my personal opinion.

If tge yoga 920 jas 8th gen i7. Then go and get it.

Hey Smyler316, I’m an LB backer so I know its on its way, its not like I’m considering this because I can’t stand to wait another week, or two… but at the time the campaign started there just weren’t any options that could fill the shoes that the V did with its balance of ports and functionality. but right now that’s no longer the case I guess I probably suffer from needing to know what I’m getting is the right choice because I don’t often buy things like this and before there were comparable laptop models with TB3/USBC/USBA port mixes there just wasn’t anything that measured up to the V so the choice was actually pretty easy.

the yoga 920 does have the 8th gen i7, as well as 2 TB3 ports and a USBA 3.0

I think I’m a keyboard kind of guy but I have been happy on the spongiest flimsiest nastiest keyboards without problem. It may be that I am unable to properly touch type, a terrible affliction, but I spent my childhood playing pc games not hitting the chat rooms… so I think the keyboard on the V will be ok, besides I would be anchoring it to some kind of dock at the office so I will have a separate keyboard, mouse and screen.

So, I get what you are saying regarding the “fanboy” syndrome, its not a bad thing, I really respect EVE for doing what they did and I have nothing but support for them. It’s just, situationally right now, new laptops are out, the money I put down 15 months ago is still worth the same, so if I were to return or sell it on I would recoup 100% its not like I’m choosing to upgrade a computer I bought 15 months ago because it hasn’t existed, its a fairly unique situation, I get to make the choice again without repercussions.

I think you and I might be in the same place “fanboy” wise I’m not standing on the street proselytizing but I will be happy to talk about what Eve has done to any who will listen. My question is, did it scratch the itch you had when you finally got it in your hands? I know it will be a good PC and I may never want to go back from the drastic changes from my current situation, who knows, I may even use the pen!.. but I cant help but look at the current market and think it may have moved to a place where there are other options now.

I look at the yoga 920 kitted out with the 8th gen i7, 512 GB SSD, 16GB ram and the 4K screen for only $300 ish more than what I put down for the V. Its got good battery life and both USB A and C including thunderbolt.

If I were looking at the yoga without having the potential to get the money for the V back I wouldn’t consider it because it to expensive, but when I look at it now its just few hundred dollars on top of money that’s been out of my account for well over a year anyway.

I would do a comparison of the two units on a review site, like, focusing on the things that are important to you.
Comparing the 920 to the V, they are similar weight, so portability is similar.
I would say that the key advantages of Yoga are:

  • more powerful
  • larger screen
  • two Thunderbolt ports (so you can do dual monitors without an expensive hub)
  • easier to open
  • longer battery life

The advantages of the V are:

  • silent
  • much brighter screen (with AR coating) - so better in bright surroundings - and better color space
  • 2 USB-A ports
  • unlike the Yoga, the screen won’t wobble when you touch it (if you’re using the touchscreen).
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?? what does that mean? :open_mouth: do you have a Yoga?


Just to toss in my perspective:

  1. Don’t care about the screen
    • go ahead, check the forum - prolly the most I’ve said about it is its “pretty good” or sth.
    • and it’s BRIGHT AF. almost forgot that.
  2. Don’t care about the pen
    • come to think of it, I’m not sure where it is atm.
  3. Don’t care about the whole crowd-designed idea
    • wasn’t involved, name not on poster
    • CLEARLY the crowd doesn’t know best because there’s no fkin indicator light

For me, the main thing is:

The answer to that would be: nahhhhh.

But a SILENT 2-in-1 that is portable, powerful enough and lasts a whole damn day? Friend, it will change your life.

You don’t know what it’s like, using your laptop in bed just chilling and then suddenly…

…nothing. Nothing!



It’s even not breathing the dust from your pillow…

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It won’t eat the dust bunnies?

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You’re gonna need a dust fox to do that.


The familiar watchband hinge looks very upscale, but we do wish the design was a bit stiffer: as is, the display will tilt backwards when prodded too vigorously during touchscreen operation or when picking the unit up too quickly.

The touchscreen with its narrow bezel supports 10-finger inputs and works very well even at the edges and the corners. Inputs are translated quickly and precisely, although we once again would prefer a slightly stiffer hinge to reduce wobbles during operation.

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So what I’m really hearing from you all is while I’m basing my view on other products on valid points I’m not giving the V credit for aspects that I held in low regard like the fact its fanless and tiny. I guess I just really cant judge how much those factors will change my life/workflow until I have a go with it when it arrives.

I appreciate all your comments and while I still think its possible I might switch to another device I don’t feel so apprehensive.