Can now only be logged in on one Device, the other get forced read only mode

I can’t be logged in with multiple devices anymore for some reason., the other devices will be logged in but i can’t access the notifications and the account details nor write things ( read only mode is the msg i get)

When it started happening?
→ Today

Browsers ?
Safari, Firefox

Logged in to what? Device itself or community or Mail account?

Are you talking about the community? I keep having to log in every time I access from a different device. This started maybe 2 days ago.


Jep, this is what I mean.

What do you think it’s about when it is posted under forum feedback ;)?

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I have never been able to be logged in on multiple devices in the community.
Chrome for Android

@nawthor @Helios I’m logging in with my Google account, would this have any issue? Even on one device if I haven’t been to the community in a couple hours it makes me log in again.

I’m also logging in with my Google account, is that the reason?

Log out and then back in and it should fix itself. I think Eve have done something to the community setup lately as I had to log back in on all my devices (3 - desktop, laptop & phone).

One of them was in “read only” mode and couldn’t even log out. I think to log out I had to go back to the top level of the community (I was in “latest”) then it either logged me out or let me log out.

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Is it so that if you log in to one device you are logged out on every other device and this happens consistently? Or is it just that you are logged out on a frequent basis?

I’ve also found myself logged out on all of my devices recently, and I assume it’s related to a recent update or similar work by Discourse.

It seems to be a random mix of both. There’s not any amount of consistency that I’ve observed.

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It usually never logs me out of other devices or goes read only, but it seems to be working again now.

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