Can I boot from microSD chip?

I’m curious if I could load Linux onto a microSD card and leave it in the microSD slot so when I want to boot to a pure Linux environment I could just use a keyboard toggle at boot and choose to boot from microSD. This would save me from having to have a USB key with me to do this or setting up the internal SD dual bootable (which is also a fine option I guess).


If speed is no concern for you it should be possible.
I’d rather install another system to the SSD and maybe mount the SD card as home-folder for your data.


Yeah, I would imagine otherwise it would just be a simple boot order thing to adjust in the UEFI boot list!

That’s a smart idea. Basically I was after a totally removable Linux presence; but this is a nice combo as it’s probably much faster.

I may be completely wrong in this, but back when I was first learning about PC internals and hardware in college (circa Windows 7 days), I was told this wasn’t possible because of the drivers required to make an SD card reader work (or something like that).

Well, my Raspberry Pi is booting from one, so it should be possible.
The drawback of this approach is you cannot use the cardreader for anything else, so depending on the model one buys I would install everything to the SSD and leave the cardreader open for when he is needed.


Yes it is posible, so long as the uEFI has the option to change the boot order, or you write a bootloader with the proper entries pointing to external devices. reFINd, Grub2, or even windows loader if you know what you are doing.

I can confirm that DVT1 can boot from SD. Haven’t tested it, but the option was there in the UEFI, and I don’t think they would remove this functionality.


I believe it possible only if the BIOS allows you to boot from microSD card.
BIOS standard is CD/DVD, another HD, and USB/ Flash storage.
I haven’t seen an option for boot from SD card or microSD so I would say it is not possible to boot from microSD card.

I’m pretty sure even my desktop boots from SD card if I want it to… Usually the SD card slot works just like a USB port, it’s basically just an SD to USB adapter built into the computer.


I’ll try it out on my device(s). :wink:

Thanks all for the replies here. I asked the question because I’ve not had a Windows machine for more than 10 years now so I wasn’t sure what the current state of things were in terms of capabilities. The Eve + Win10Pro will be my first foray back into the Windows world after being an OSX/Mac user for the past decade. (of course I grew up on DOS and Windows so I know the good, bad, and ugly of that past).

Looking forward to making this dual boot from the SSD and as many suggestions here, using the SD card for data only.