Bye bye iPhone - whats good out there?

Hi there tech geeks

So my iphone 6 broke its screen again and I´m considering getting a new phone rather than getting it fixed.
iphone 7 is not an option due to the lack of minijack (I use this all the time and I´m not buying that stupid adapter cable)
I considered getting a windows phone, but after comparing app availability thats not a viable option.

So, whats good? I need something that is

  • Not too big ( for me, the iphone 5 was the ideal size)
  • has a great battery
  • good screen (daylight visibility)
  • won´t break too easily when i drop it or throw it at the wall due to useless charging port

thoughts? input?

edit - btw, camera quality is of zero importance for me :slight_smile:

I am owning an One Plus Two and will definately go for an One Plus 5, when it will be available in maybe 2 months.

But it could be a little bit too big, since it got an 5,5" screen.


I can recommend the Sony Xperia z5 /compact if the normal one is too big.
The compact is almost as good as the normal version.
Good battery life and cam.

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I bought Sony Xperia X Compact on a bargain for 300eur, it’s hands down my best purchase ever :slight_smile: Battery easily lasts 2 days, it’s small (the most important point to me), screen is the brightest I’ve seen in a phone, and I just put on a small protective case so that it doesn’t break. But really, since it’s small and I can actually hold it comfortably, I doubt I’ll ever drop it :slight_smile:

If an iPhone is still an option, maybe the iPhone SE would be worth considering. It’s the same size as the iPhone 5, and I’ve heard it has good battery life. Screen quality should be adequate. Not sure about how sturdy it is, but I know that my iPhone 5 took plenty of beatings. Since the iPhone SE has the same chassis I would expect the same. It has most of the same internals as the iPhone 6S, so it’ll be snappy. And it has a headphone jack.

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Considering the iphone SE, but I want a phone without the useless lightning-connector
After a year or so it looses contact with the plug and stops charging without warning. It´s not dust, i remove that regularly, more like a coating of dirt or something over the contact points that no amount of cleaning will remove.
Had this problem with 4 iphones I´ve owned with lightning connector.

Looks like my options are Sony, HTC, Samsung and Apple - the brands sold by telenor/nordialog (phone shop for buisnesses in norway)

Ideally my phone would have a locking connector and a dust protector for when I´m not using the charging port :slight_smile:

As a more pricey option, I switched from the S7 Edge to the S8 a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Batter gets me through the day (9am-11pm, or so) with lots of use, the screen is (obviously) stunning, and the camera is great. Also, even if the battery wont last you the day, quickcharge eliminates a lot of those concerns. Also, obviously it has waterproofing.

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S8 is one of the best phones at the moment. Yeah it’s pricey but that is just money.

I can definately recommend it.

-the best camera out there¨
-the best screen that can be found on a phone
-hardware is top notch
-support wireless charging



I beg to disagree about the camera, the photos I’ve seen taken with S8 have absurd contrast and colours like through an instagram filter.

But I guess that’s what the instragram-facebook generation wants, no realism.


Well of course it depends what you like but compared to previous samsung cameras, it has much more natural colours. Yes the colors are oversaturated a little.

I have this Xperia XZ Premium for review now, and it has one of the WORST camreas I have seen in a few years. But that is not news when it comes to Sony.

Oh well, the HTC U11 should be interesting which I will get next week.

I really love my Google Pixel XL. The screen, camera, and battery are phenomenal. The standard Pixel is smaller (5" or something). It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned or used.

If you happen to live in the couple of countries they sell it officially :slight_smile: Fastest updates etc on top of those already mentioned.

Really waiting for the Pixel 2 and hope they will bring it to sale here officially too, so that I dont need to get one from UK or Germany

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Try the Huawei P10 (or +) if you have a chance, it has worse details than the S8 but has way more ‘realistic’ image than it does.

I prefer it myself to the over-saturated ones.

I’m glad to see another fan of the Pixel! The next ones should be excellent! I heard they’re releasing 3 devices. :grinning:

I hope they sell it to more countries too, it doesn’t sound as widely available as I thought.

Whatever you do, don’t buy Samsung. Their price to quality ratio is absurdly bad, HTC desires run smoother than their flagships… Anyway, if you don’t want a giant phone, nowadays you have two options:

  • iPhone SE
  • Sony Xperia (X) Compact

I wrote (X) because X is the latest model but you can still buy Z5, it’s just as good and maybe even better depending on what you need.

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Huaweis newest ones are great, i just dont really like their software, although i have the Mate 9 Pro myself but it has a stupid caller info bug so don’t really use it at the moment.

Hopefully yeah. Not really a problem to order from Germany but the support is a little bit a hassle if something breaks etc.

The 2015 Moto x pure has been the best phone I have used. Conceptually, I like the Moto z with it being modular but I have not used one and thus can’t speak of it’s practicality.


And this is not true nowadays.


The only problem with Moto Z is the battery life which is really, really bad. Hopefully the new Z2 will have a better battery life.

And for the OP, if you want something that has one of the best bang for the buck, look for OnePlus 3/3T or wait for the OnePlus 5 which should be released next month. Although they are 5.5" they are pretty compact and 5.5" is not so big when you get used to it.

Nah, Moto Z is overpriced. You get a removable camera, speakers, battery and projector. But for that price, it’s simply not worth it. The speakers probably still suck, so better just carry some earbuds around, the battery seems to be needed all the time so you can’t attach anything else, the camera… maybe it’s good but I’d just buy a separate camera…

The main problem is you still can’t upgrade the specs of your phone or replace anything if it breaks. You can only add insignificant features to it, one at a time.