Buying Eve v, is there a preorder?

Was just wondering, do we have to kind buy it before hand? Or do we just buy it when it’s available

You can order one when Eve open their webstore

Hiya @Laichee!

We had our Indiegogo campaign back in November and are (finally) looking to ship the first batch!

For grabbing one yourself, as @Wally kindly pointed out, you can wait for the webshop to be available soon after we’ve shipped the first batch of devices. :slight_smile:


The Eve web shop will open soon, and there you will be able to buy the V with as little hassle as possible. You can get an update by subscribing at . You can also keep up to date on the most recent production and shipping forecast through this topic: Eve V | Revolution starts with you.


Wait did I miss something? I thought first batch was estimated to ship towards end of August?

Indeed. I don’t think @iKirin meant “…and are looking to ship the first batch right this instant”, more along the lines of “…and we are looking to ship the first batch pretty soon now”