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I am a college student, who is watching for a new computer, it will accompany me during the college life, and my major computer is macbook pro, which is too heavy for a programmer. At being i want buy the new surface pro, but the price is so expensive. for a students, I am very interested to buy an EVE V


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I hope that it will be as stable as mac.

It would be as stable as Windows 10 is.

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Hi Eric, and welcome to!

The V should be an excellent device for college, so if you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up at [u][/u] so you can get a notification once they go on sale!

hi, i am like op looking for an “eve like” device, unfortunatly i dont really have time to wait any longer. i know there are plenty of crowded threads for this stuff but could someone maybe mention to me the in your opinion 5 best 2 in 1 devices below or around 1000 dollars? i really struggle to get an overview about the market as there are so many different devices …

My honest opinion is the eve v. It is the best value for your money. But the lenovo y700 has a big $550 discount. That would be the best ‘right now’ option.

If you’re tight on cash, check out eBay. Look for refurbished surface pro or similar products, and try to find a seller that says they are certified or at least has good ratings and sells a lot of them. That way you know it’s a good product. I would definitely trust refurbished over used, since used products often have bad batteries. If you get something like an HP Elite x2, then all the internals are easily accessible and replaceable, but they are more expensive.

If you’re looking for a new product in your price range, try the Acer Switch 5 (i5 version should be $1000 or so) or look through the Lenovo and HP web stores. Both of them have some nice options, and if you look fast, HP is still having their Labor Day sale. A lot of their products can be customized for the specs you want to pay for as well.

Make sure you consider what use cases you need. It’s not so good to max out your budget on an i5 or i7 processor if you’re never going to need it. For most cases, an i3 or m3 will work fine as a personal computer for documents and media. Most of the big name tablets have an i3 version for around $800. The Huawei Matebook Signature Edition is a very affordable option that fits this bracket. M3 for under $500, M5 with 8GB of ram will cost about $800

Best of luck in your search :slight_smile:

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Hp spectre x360
Surface pro
iPad pro

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thank you so much :slight_smile:

No problem. I spent over a month looking at different 2-in-1 options trying to see what sort of portable systems I could get (I’m in a new job where I travel 90%). I’m not really pressed for time since I have a work laptop with me, so I’m waiting on the Eve V. Let me know what you decide on getting :slight_smile:

ASUS transformer 3 Pro i7 16GB 512GB is around 1000 € (Amazon). EVE V is no more competitive, And you have a eGPU specifically for.

Bye bye EVE !!!

Be very careful with what you’re getting there. The Asus Transformer 3 Pro (T303UA) is not in production any more. There’s one refurbished unit for sale on Amazon right now. The Asus Transformer Pro (T304UA) is still sold around $1000, and features almost identical advertisements and images, but it DOES NOT have Thunderbolt 3 port for eGPU usage like the T303UA. It only has USB C which is not the same.

Oh! Thanks for the usefully info.
You can find in specialistics webseites the T303UA version with 7 16GB 512GB and USBC-3.1 compatible with Thuderbolt 3 still around 1000 € with 2 Years garantie in Europa

What can Eve do against this? shipping now??
That is a example for the speed of change on 2 in 1 Market.

There a lot of competitors equal to or better than EVE, big Companies and EVE have practically 1 Year for release a product V with continuesly updates and delays,… ist dead/ old from birth…

Ist EVE so good, really? support after sales??? like Microsoft, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, …really?

Please, we think about it.

So keep in mind:

  • Eve sent out working test units to a lot of people and the feedback was generally positive
  • A last minute defect was determined due to strict QA processes, which leads us to where we are now: waiting for a replacement display from a top world class manufacturer. They could have used the defective screens, had 0 issues, but we, as customers, would have seen the issue arise and then been upset at Eve for selling us something shoddy
  • The team, albeit small, is accessible through email and this forum; they’ve been pretty good considering it’s like 12 people TOTAL, not all of them doing support
  • yes, there are lots of manufacturers; the difference is, some may use counterfeit copies of Windows, or internals from manufacturers who have less than strict QA standards
  • the current state of the union is that once the displays are in Eve’s hands, they plan to build as fast as they physically can, without compromising anything, and get the units shipped to the thousands of buyers world over
  • example: one fellow had a T1 and he reached out for support very recently and he got the support ( I don’t know specifically what as it was offline but that is something)

I’m very excited to get my unit as I haven’t had a new laptop since 2007!


Hey netkid23!,

Other companies not testing their products before release on Market? when preis is 1000-2000 €?? Meh!!,

Other companies no have QA process, QA departments? Meh!!

that happen with Displays ist not a strong point quite the opposite.

Who have more power to supplyers (and replacements) a team of 12 with low sales? or big companies?

What is better a small team or a big one? for whom?

Hardware manufactures that make 2 in 1 Computers haven less than strict QA standards, really? With what have made the V?Aliens with alien technology?

EVE beliebers with this example.
ASUS T303UA version with 7 16GB 512GB and USBC-3.1 compatible with Thuderbolt 3 1000€, eGPU dedicated.

How much cost " the most pepino" by EVE?. 1000€ diference for Display/ Batery/Cooling? eGPU oficiall compatibility? 2 Years Garantie? Shops/ Stores with phisically support?

EVE is the New “Oneplus” of 2 in 1?

Everybody company performs tests. However the standard varies. It launches regardless of bugs and then the company releases recalls or patches. Look at the sp4 line or googles products.

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Wasn’t there a thread about all the issues the T303 was having?? or maybe that was another forum.
Also, please spell check your posts.

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It is only a example !!! I dont want speak more of T303. That is a example for comparing, EVe with V with the other companies. At the ends of 2017/ beginning ot 2018 (open sales) EVE V is best in:

  • Price. Not more
  • Delivey: definitely not.
  • Support after sales- Not.
  • Materials- can be.
  • Hardware. not more
  • Software. Specific software? definitely not.
  • Comunity- yes


And I want to come in and bring in my 2 cents on the topic:

Price: If you compare the V against devices that are clearly at the end of their life cycle like the T303 then yep we’re more expensive. But then again every new device is.

Delivery: By then it will have been delivered for some months so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Support: I’m sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience yet - without a tablet that we can support you with. Honest opinion is that we’re working hard to deliver good support - the T1 that was on sale for literally one sale and released in the beginning of 2015 is something we still support as well as we can.

Material: Can’t talk about that, since I think that’s super subjective.

Hardware: I’m sorry about the ‘outdated’ hardware, but please show me the great new devices with the 8th Gen Core Y CPUs :wink: Because they don’t exist.

And now let’s don’t compare the V against 1 part of that device and 1 part of another device.

Because let’s be frank - the V is not perfect. It does not have the power a 15" convertible with an HQ CPU does. It does not have the pen capability of a dedicated wacom tablet. It does not feature the resolution and size of a dedicated gaming 4k monitor. But what it does is combine so many features in one sleek packaging for a - in my mind - pretty good price. That’s what the V is - a device that combines many strong points of good devices.
Is the V the ‘end all’ device that will be perfect for you, no matter what? No. It was never designed to be and frankly the technology for that doesn’t exist. There will 100% be a device that can beat the V in one specific category, but not without making heavy compromises.

And sorry if the first part of this text reads a bit harsh, but it gets exhausting for the Team to regularly tell people the same things - especially when you don’t provide something tangible.

Best example is price - ‘Eve is not the best in price anymore’. Eve never was the best in price, as you could’ve gotten some chinese 2in1tablet for 400$ with a quality that would make your eyes bleed and that breaks within 3 weeks (happened to a buddy of mine).
But you have to trade something in for e.g. the lower price. In that example it’d be the quality (and overall spec of the device as well).