But it's a dry heat! (or "How dust is the bane of my existence")

I hail from the northern Sonoran Desert in Phoenix, AZ USA. As the topic suggests, dust, dirt and sand or killers of just about everything here, including tech equipment. I am hoping I can buy a V and that it will hold up to our wild west here.
After nearly 35 years as a tax accountant/numbers guro, I had to leave that oh so exciting lifestyle for disability, another exciting pasttime. Brain and neurological problems have kept me lying on my side for the better part of the day which can get pretty boring. So, I spend a major portion of that time on my Samsung tablet reading everything from science articles to manga. I am also a big Anima fan so I spend lots of time on streaming services. We haven’t had broadcast or cable TV in years. All our news and TV type entertainment comes from streaming or online print media. That’s why this group seemed interesting to me.
Well, enough of my long-winded garble, hello everyone, and hopefully we will get to chat sometime soon.
Jay E.


Welcome to community! :tada:
We are happy to see you joining and are looking forward to your valuable input :slight_smile:

Great to see you in a great community:
It is a very dynamic entity, some parts are boring, some areas are hyper dynamic, sometimes it is close to overheating, but it gives an “l always come back” experience. :hugs:

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Welcome to the community! Glad you can be part of the discussions and look forward to hearing your input!

Nice to meet you Jay, welcome to the community. :vulcan_salute:

Welcome Jay to the community!

I know some pretty rigarous tests were done on the V, so hopefully it will survive your neck of the woods!

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Welcome Jay!!
I hope you enjoy your time in this community, it is fun to be involved with such a diverse group of folks. I feel you on the disability, I had to “retire” at 36 with a pretty severe heart condition. I spend my days much like you, reading and absorbing news, media and entertainment.