Bug inside my monitor

Hi everyone,

So my question is pretty simple, i have a bug inside my monitor he’s dead (i didn’t squeeze it) and i already tried the toothbrush method but he doesn’t move.

I already opened the monitor (Eve Spectrum 4K) to see if some air would help and nothing seems to work.

Do anyone have an idea of what i should do ? Or is he here forever ?

Thank you

IMG_2490 copie

Hi there,

Uhm… not sure how the bug got in there. Is he under the outer layer somehow?

If so, the layer needs to be opened and I certainly cannot recommend that. The layers are fused in the factory as part of the panel, so the risk of damaging the monitor is very high.

In this case I can only recommend contacting support.

Shh Sir, or else everyone will want one.

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Yea that was what i was thinking …