Brydge 12.3 with the Eve V: it's almost great but has some major drawbacks

I just picked up a Brydge 12.3 and wanted to share my thoughts and ask some advice.
It fits perfectly in the hinges, but when closed, the Eve protrudes on 3 sides because it’s a little larger than the keyboard. It’s not bad enough to be a big deal though.
The build quality is excellent and really improves the ergonomics of the Eve when using in a lap or lying down. The keys feel even a bit nicer to type on than the Eve keyboard, and the F row shortcuts are handy. However, it’s not perfect and I am on the fence about keeping it. One downside is the weight–I haven’t weighed the Eve with the Brydge attached, but it feels quite heavy (it definitely weighs more than my MacBook Pro 13 inch). But the real issue for me is the trackpad. It is smaller than the Eve trackpad, not as responsive, and for some reason the gestures cannot be changed. When it’s connected, the trackpad section in Settings disappears. There are some default gestures including three finger tap to bring up Cortana, but other than scrolling, swipe gestures don’t seem to work at all (such as swiping right with two fingers to go back in Chrome, which I use all the time). I’m so used to programming my own clicks, swipes, and taps that this is a big drawback for me.
Since it’s designed for the Surface Pro, the Brydge would be customizable when connected to one, and use with another tablet PC is not supported beyond basic functions. However, I’m wondering if there are any third party apps that would allow me to customize the Brydge trackpad?


2 things;
It’s the V, not the Eve. Eve is the company, it’s kinda like if you called the MacBook 13" the Apple 13".

Second; could you provide pictures of the drawbacks? I think it’ll clear a lot for people who are interested

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As a (former) brydge keyboard user (former because it does not function anymore) I agree whole-heartly with your analysis.
The good thing however is that one gets so used to its limits that they are not noticed anymore. :shushing_face:

I also bought the black brydge 12.3, it looks nice but I agree the V gets really heavy. I will try to post some pictures today.